Saturday, October 25, 2008


somtime i wonder wad is life abbout?

hais treasure everyday.. time pass so soon

i wan do so mani things.. but i feel so unempowered

feel weak

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tuesday @ work.. quarel with her again

haa.. quarrel with her again.. tot we cold war all the way.. but we clash over something small again..

why she always have the wrg idea abt me..

anyway it ok la.. hahhaa study more impt

must keep tink of idea to press myself on

everyday i must improve

Sunday, October 12, 2008

restart blog now.. becoz i need a blog to sort out my tots..

omg.. economy is getting bad.. wad to do.. how to do.. must be prepared for recession

best is to be more hardworkin @ work n hope for more pay n bonuese.. n find second jobs....

i slack too long.. this yr i must complete 1 paper of insurance n pass it..

N also i must pass the three paper of my accounting paper..

Cannt slack..

must plan my time welll

chua jincai, u can do it.. no distraction.. totally focused on the goal

6 mre days to payday

Saturday, August 02, 2008

blog reopen

finali find time to blog le..

i quite lazy to blog..

becoz nothing much to blog..

i still in love with that ger

somehow willlll i be able to wait for herrr?

too much competitions le

Monday, May 19, 2008

a lost cause


i dun feel like she is interested in me

while i m digging a hole deeper n deeper

stupid me

i dunnoe wad i m doing

i just wish my exams to b over

n my life to be ok again!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i not rich

lol.. happy to sign on perm as at may 2... pay good euff.. wonder hw long i will stay there?

great eastern has been great to me.. colleagues great.. working environment great.. location near..

although sometimes life sux becoz i keep like gers who dun like me.. haha.. i also sian..

quarrel n being sensitive to things that shd nt affect me

well that me. i dunnoe how to manage myself le..


i reali suxx

when can i really grow up??

alreadi gg 25 soon.. a quarter of century gone.. i reali feel damn old..

haha.. exams is coming................

i everyday feel stress abt it.. my mind is totally divided into 2..

1 is exam.. the other is u know who

haha.. i m crazyyyy.. i must buck up in examss...

sheee abit indifferent to me.. sometimes good sometime bad.. wonder wad she tinking

wonder wad m i tinking of also..

we quarrel like shit.. but we can be tian mi like siao.. huan xi yuan jia?

haha.. we shd leave it to fate but i cant stop tinking of her...

hmm well sandy have her bf.... sometime i oso wish she is mine.. but fate decrees not..
i just wish her the best n hopefully i will see her again somewhere sometime...

life continues.. i wan to have a perfect life.. with a lovely family and a great career..

i wan give the best to my family.. give the best to my wife.. gif the best to my children..

continue to strive hard jincai

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i hate working





nth to update.. except i going to sign

Sunday, April 13, 2008

our life is just that.. pieces of memories

human create memories to remember things that make living a life more bearable

good memories make life memorable

so we shd create mre good memories to make life great

life is great.. it just depend on u to make it great

working life although is boring, but once u get to know more ppl more frens

it certainly brighten ur whole life

so mani things to do.. yet no much time

so u should treasure ur time in life

prepare to reset ur life if u feel gloomy

do new things to brighten ur life

that why we need to know more frens more ppl

i have fun with the current batch of colleaguess

really will miss them when or if they or i leave the company

luke, tiffany,joycie, zunwen, n others...

Friday, April 04, 2008

long time no update le..

poor blog.. have neglect u for veri long le.. becoz i veri veri busy with work.. super bz.. super OT

ok euff of it..

still doing well in life .. in all aspects?


my colleagues have become good frens... all those temp staff, perm staff have become my close frens..

i know them for 10 mths le..

time seem to go so fast when u so hapi

in my 10 mths with them, alot thing happen

my first time of seriously pursuing a gal.. seriously have feeling for her.. not those play play 1..

is those type of wanting to take care of her 1..

but too bad she no feeling for me.. haiss tink i still veri immature..

but is ok..

they have become my good frens.. share the good times the bad time.. the busy times..

those days at the office have become enjoyable.. i will miss them when one by one they leave the company or i leave the company..

we have went on a few outingss.. enjoy all of them.. see they laugh n joke.. we reali have become closer.. thanks for fate for bring all of us togethr.. thanks god.. at least i not depressed anymre abt life...

it make me look forwards to mondays at least


have so far done well.. finish my cat. finsih half of chfc.. now aiming to DO WELL in the 3 acca modules i have enrolled in.. although i tink it will need alot of hard work on my side.. becoz serioulsy veri tired after work to study..
but i can do it..

heelllo.. when can i never do it if i set my mind on it?

success or failure is just a word.. the attitude n learning experience is wad u will gain..

go for it jincai..

financial investing

i wan do well in this aspect. been reading books n forums.. trying to analyse companies.. trying to beat the Market.. but without certainity, i certainly wun venture into risky instruments

for now is invest in unit trust n practise rsp. becoz money for me is actually nt impt..

is thee feeling of being useful.. that the true motivation of being the best in ur life that is ever

My motto is to Live ur best...


i certainly yearn for a relationship.. a relationship whereby both parties care for each other.. i can unreservedly share my feelings with her.. she will be my support when i can be her support.. this kind of gal so hard to find.. i know i cannot change my weakness but i hope to find a ger who can accept me for who i m...

i not a good person.. a person with super irritating attitude, lame personality.. slow to understand things.. insensitive.. selfcentered...

but wadeva i know i m a kind person.. i will care n cry for u if i knw u care for me in return.....

is a 2 way things...

zzz challenges ahead : whether to sign or no sign? .. where to advance in career? determined euff to pass all the modules. buy a hse.. financial investing.. mAking More frens

Saturday, March 01, 2008

dun know who will care abt my blog

haha,,, nv update for awhile.. becoz it is mth end.. n it is reali bz.. like shit

doing sai kang work like this.. make me wish i m back in sch

den again earning this kind of income.. i feel happi...

lol so empowered.. to chart the correct path to being a successful person..

maybe i will meet mani setbacks..
but i will strive to live to be the best.. achieve my aims regardsless of obstacles..

to be a better person.. to be the best..

lol.. tio second invitation to convert to perm.. boss ask me go to her office..

say wan offer.. i hee haw.. say will tell her this coming wk..

wad shd i do?

accept to convert to perm.. n exchange my freedom for more money..

llol i scare i cannt cope with my studies

wow i fighting on mani fronts..

work, study acca( 3 modules). complete my chfc..

cool.. but i still slacking here..

haha.. =D

on second tots, i lack the financial discpline to accumulate n save wealth..

beem wasting money in soccer.. kns damn sian...

Friday, February 22, 2008

dreams n hopes

wow, i pass exam..

veri hapi although nv get as high as i wan

but i pass la.. happie happie..

now can aim for more..

3 modules.. tax. law. finance.. conquer them all..

take mc today to settle some stuff..

i successfully transfer frm nightmare class to f4 at no additional cost.. except textbook fees..

good.. save moneyy.!!

lose abit in soccer betting.. sians..

must limit myself.. if not i will dragged into debts...

den this financial consultant , which is me , will be in deep shit..

ok.. open poems acct.. actuali nv take alot time.. quick n easy.. another step to financial freedom...

ok i need a car...

need to account for this..

a car will be veri convenient and a big-time girl magnet...

haa.. although it is a depreciating asset.. which goes against the grain of me thrifty n stingy personality

aww i wan to spend.. but i wan be financially free

how to juggle between this 2..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

wkend summarise

actuali now is sunday morning 230am.. still havent slp.. is half time of arsenal vs man u..
hais arsenal is 3-0 down.. totallly no mood...

ahh why cannt life be so simple?

cant a simple desire for happiness be so hard..

hmm no answer to that

i whole wk have been looking to wkend.. becoz this is for a long time that i been working for a 5 day a wk..

veri shaggg.. bt still have to work on sat

actuali no complaints.. i like workk..

how i wish i can work n enjoy work..

lol my current work so boring .. my life is boring

how i wish for variety of life...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hahahaa.. a random tot

so boring work..

everyday do same stuff

looking forward to wkend

just bought tickets to mayday concert @ apr 26

pls support

mayday music is so sensational..touching yet human...

with this..... i go n slp..

hope my valentine b back

Monday, February 11, 2008

i forget who m i

wahhhhhhhhhh i wan buy digi camm.. to liven up my blog..

it seem beri sian rite..

i wan buy N82 oso

sian so mani wants..


savveee meee

i wan buy N82222222222222222222222222222222222222222

my next targett

getting bored @@@@ job..

go find new jobs?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happi CNY 2008

Another yr, another gong xi fa cai.. another day of collecting hongbaos..

growing up .... up n up n up

getting old n old

so mani things i wish to do.. i will slowly plan..

complicated life here i come..

HAPPY CNY to every1

Saturday, February 02, 2008

i love her.. veri pain

hmm this is unrequited love.. veri pain.. veri hurt.. esp when she leave u for the last time...

i love her.. seriously...

i wan be with her.. protect her.. make her smile n laugh.. i love being with her...

why heaven wan me see her yet i cant have her..

why she dun like me..

m i too lousy??

Lol.. i dunnoe why she nv express her feelings clearly to me.. even on the last moment..

i sms her again yesterday.. yet she nv reply...

on thursday her last day, i prepare a special present for her..

i buy a card design it.. ask 20 over ppl personally sign w/o her knowing..

arrange the present nicely on the desk n put the card which consist 3 things.. combined together look veri nice..

i feell oddly happy tat i m able to do this.. i nv able to gif ppl present properly.. i nt the type to tink n express this kind of things...

but yet for her, i can do this.. i can do this without any reservations

i do this to make this a beautiful memory for her n me..

aww yet the onli thing i get frm her is a thks..

wad i wan hear is why she can torture me so long.. can be so cold to me a moment..

den can be frenly n joke with me .. can smile to me..

she nv reali say she dun like me.. yet she nv say she like me too

i confused whether she like me arnot

issit i too possessive or i hurt her too much over tat event that she fear to be with me..

yet now she left me le.. left me hurting.. it pain n cut like a knife...

but hor i reali feel i can see her again
i reali feel i fated to see her 1..

i hope i see her.. i m yearning for her..

can heaven hear my pleads... n grant my wish?

soon i upload the pic

Sunday, January 27, 2008

wkend suxs.

supposedly a wkend to relac n enjoy.

but i feel i slack too much

bu shuang
read a few books

but still feel too much time on hand

but but but then again omg tml is work le

a few mre hrs to the same old routine


Thursday, January 24, 2008

she back to haunt me

lol... she back frm hq...

i tot she will end her contract there n gone forever. however twist of fate make her come back here.. tml i see her again

mixed feelings.. dunnoe wad i will feel..

just hope things will be normalll..

n she willlllll accept me

haa wishful thinkings..

dreams nv come true..

i learnn..

been busy this few wks.. studies online.. wan earn more money but no opportunities..

or i nv find hard euff..

been losing money in betting

haiya.. i dunnoe wad to do abt my life.. i find out i gt alot shortcoming.. but i dun seem to be able to change it... so mani ppl r hapi abt their life..
but i nv satisfied.. i want more.. yet more bad things happen to me...
i veri tired abt life.. this life is not worth living. i cant find any warmth.. i cant find any motivations...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 wishes n hopes

Ya.. actually reali post my resolutions on the side of the blog..

2007 just pass like tat.. now is 2008

nth much happen on these 2 day,.. jan 1 n jan 2..

hope to do much more more stuff..

jan 4 starting sch... mon fri sure will have lots of lesson.

jan 12 have exam..

jan 5 army gathering

jan 19 sec sch gathering..

hmm january seeem bz...

these few days will be quite bz with work.. now seriously veri tired

anyway a bz start is good.. it prep me well for a better 2008..

alot things to do..

to invest n save abt 20k.. =)

finish my acca fundamentals exams

make more frenss... be more hapi...

n yayaa.. get more angbao nxt mth..

happy new yr guys.. full of optimisim for the new yr...

2008 wishes n hopes

Ya.. actually reali post my resolutions on the side of the blog..

2007 just pass like tat.. now is 2008

nth much happen on these 2 day,.. jan 1 n jan 2..

hope to do much more more stuff..

jan 4 starting sch... mon fri sure will have lots of lesson.

jan 12 have exam..

jan 5 army gathering

jan 19 sec sch gathering..

hmm january seeem bz...

these few days will be quite bz with work.. now seriously veri tired

anyway a bz start is good.. it prep me well for a better 2008..

alot things to do..

to invest n save abt 20k.. =)

finish my acca fundamentals exams

make more frenss... be more hapi...

n yayaa.. get more angbao nxt mth..

happy new yr guys.. full of optimisim for the new yr...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 end

2007 report scorecard..

- finish my CAT.. (fantastic.. long struggle)
- have some savings to chiong for investments in 2008
- learn alot more abt personal finance, investments, insurances
- learn more abt myself.. know i still veri emotionally weak, weakminded,dependent.. haiss(nid to buck up more)
- get my associate financial consultant designation.
- make more frens frm work.. eebing,peishan, william,luke,zunwen,n all those fantastic colleagues frm charter, sony, great eastern..
they make all the difference in my working life..
- gain more working experience.. more confident.
- finally meet her.. she the one who make me suffer for the past 6 mths..
- know love is tong che xin fei.. not easy to fall in love.. ( hope she wun leave my life..haiss)
- cherish every moment in life more... becoz life is so precious( uncle.. pls be with me for 10 20 more yrs)

life is so difficult to understand.. it make us suffer so much for our desires.. our desire to be loved.. to be cared for.. for us to gain all these, we need to do so much thing .. to suffer so much..
hmm why cant things be more easier to get?? why cant 2 person who r fated to meet.. yet can suffer in each person presence.. i know it hard on u.. it is even harder on me.. haiss.. i dun wan to tink le.. 2008 will be better