Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 wishes n hopes

Ya.. actually reali post my resolutions on the side of the blog..

2007 just pass like tat.. now is 2008

nth much happen on these 2 day,.. jan 1 n jan 2..

hope to do much more more stuff..

jan 4 starting sch... mon fri sure will have lots of lesson.

jan 12 have exam..

jan 5 army gathering

jan 19 sec sch gathering..

hmm january seeem bz...

these few days will be quite bz with work.. now seriously veri tired

anyway a bz start is good.. it prep me well for a better 2008..

alot things to do..

to invest n save abt 20k.. =)

finish my acca fundamentals exams

make more frenss... be more hapi...

n yayaa.. get more angbao nxt mth..

happy new yr guys.. full of optimisim for the new yr...

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