Thursday, February 17, 2005

No mOre lIfe




do i sound happy?

no rite

sianz.. stupid life.. wah i stay in 3 full days.. totally sian 1/2.. i wan to die i wan to die i wan die

i dun tink i can free until apr.. sianz

still so more monthss

ahh organizing najib bday gathering.. hope everything go smoothl;y..

pls god let my life turn for better

Monday, February 14, 2005

work work.. going to work again

hapi valentine day!!

to all couple, may ur love b as sweet as ever

to all singles, may u find ur chosen 1

to all frens, you yi wan sui

haha.. crazy me..

going to spend valentine day in camp becoz i going to do duty..arghhh

but nvm la.. xi guan le la..

lonely lonely valentine in camp

hmm why so many ppl keep on telling they wan find the other 1?

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. love cannt mian qiang 1 la.. haha.. my heart is dead^^

i m totally focused on career
i wan to make myself super tired siper exhausted super bz.. lazy to tink abt life.. i totally focused on my goal

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Caltex- wat drives u

Does the river flow in 1 direction?

yea it does..

does the boat alway gt a direction to go?

yea it does..

does human alway gt a direction to go to?

hmm they say ppl can onli alway move forward.. bt wat if u r left behind? wat if u r nt clever euff wat if u r slow

r u left behind by the river? thrown up into the shore or just let u sink into bottom?

i feel i m stagnating.. rotting in wordless hell..

wat drives me?

haha i osos duno wat i m aiming sia.. m i capable to go uni?--- no money

go oversea?-- no money

go work? most probably..

but can onli feed myself 3 meals a day..
i wan do something more..

sad but i seem cannt realise anything to do
i dun tink i gt any special talent

hahah.. 21 liao soon

adult liao no wonder keep tinking wat way i should take

hehe.. i want to b ambitious.. but see my character.. u noe i m a person who like to take short cut 1 la.. so

but i m hardwokring
i able to accept any hardship
i just haf to motivate myself la