Friday, November 11, 2005

hmm blogging at 3.30am

somehow i feel empty in life..

nthg will satisfy me..

i just keep hoping eveyrthing will become the same back again..

every1 going to uni..

hmm i will b left behind?

hmm hopefully in 2007 we will b the same roti prataplace eating rotiprats and toking cock.....

n hmm i would wish to see

1) her at bugis .. see her shop fervently by then.. see her at chomp chomp

2) see her at ps... n eat dinner with her and see her at marina bay

3) see her at kbox and see movie and haf lunch with her at ps..

2007 will come and there will be many changes.. why i dun wan say 2006? becoz most of us still in ns n doing same stuff.. after ns.

life will change.. i will treasure the yr ahead...

hopefully, she, she and she will b back by then...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

on a brighter note

facing deportation?

maybe tat nt a bad thing anyway

i want to escape frm this country le

it is leaving me more more bad memories

i miss her le.. she bring me happness... orld, there is no1 but her

maybe i should gif up my singaporean citizenship
n go else where

far away frm here