Saturday, May 29, 2004

*touched*.. a day of happiness and surprise..

haha.. now is 1105pm... just come online.. then shun bian c c my blog.. addicted to it liao *eeeeeeee*.. see jun tag so nice to my tagboard..*thanks*.. then saw wat she wrote in the blog....hehe..

"haha.. how did he make me sound so good....
i dun feel this way...
i dun think the way he think ba...
i am hot tempered i admit though...
but the rest of the good points...
dun seem to find it in myself..."

quoted frm her blog..

hmm..i duno la.. maybe i just tink the best of ppl..:P... actually u r nt bad la.. at least better than some1.. humph

watching west ham vs crystal palace now.. hope west ham get promoted..

=P.. apple u still havent see my blog yet??

Friday, May 28, 2004

a end of day..430am

reali very very tired now.. so write a short short 1.. hmmchienwen nt online.. go see midnight show.. companion to chat overnite..

lol.. chat with hapi agian.. after tink 1 wk..she seem alway like tat 1..haha.. alway can tok alot.. you yuan bah.. tou ji can tok quite nice togther

hmm..wo bu shi bo xin de ren..i just sometime dun tink of things 1..sorri hor to tat person..

hmm lijun or in short form jun is a very gd netfren of character.. gt spirit.. gt a golden heart also..alway enjoy chatting with her.. be it soccer or other stuff..sometime also very hot tempered gal:X.. but nvm.. add to her beauty..hehe.. write so much abt her:X.. sound like i like her like tat^^"..hope she dun stay moody hor..

sian.. i tink i alwy tok alot.. duno make sense alot.. but fun la.. blog..record my tots..

oi jun..u r the best..*hope u see it if nt nvm*..

tem ,wo mei you force u tag it...

i gt a problem to tink now.. but cannt say in blog..see how it develop..nites sweet dream

just watch a nice show

hehe.. just come online.. now is 11 15pm..sian lehz.. nv see yizhen online..haha.. she say she gg to b online today..=x...hmm usual suspect is online..=x

jennifer(rare guest) is online but she slow reply.. now chatting with peishan.. = =.. must b lonely in bluedome so come find me chat..:X

hehe*hope u see tat*

hmm go back to the show.. it is the ch U detective drama.. i followed it frm epsoside 1.alway surprise me with its plot chnage n twist.. but somehow i can guess why they do it*_*

alway do it becoz of money, suspicion,uncontentment.. power... why man should crave after this..

euff of the bad side of the man

hmm a quote frm the leading lady qitong is quite nice at the ending of show..

"we should live life with more trust n concern for others..maybe then life will b more simplier n happier.."

WAt is the pt of finding the truth??maybe we just live in blissful ignorance..haiz

haha.. 330 pm friday 28th May

hehe.. today woke up late.. 1pm wake up.. so arghh*_*.. today so sian 1.. play game also no fun.. no mood to chat also..

today no stories to tell..miss NEWS IS online.. chatting with her... she alway say nth to do.= =...haiz

later gg to play soccer.. hope i enjoy myself..

time go fast...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

gg to slp now

*yaWN*now is 345am in the morning..tired sia.. must b today rain.. make alot of ppl sleepy.sian..i also feel very sleepy.. drink 2 3 cups of kopi liao..*_*

hmm so now i end my blog with nthg much to say..except sweet dreams to those who is still online..NEWS still online.=x.. snowy still on with her nicekfantasia.. lol finally i announce fanastasia is the new winner of amercian idol.. who wILL b the winner of SG idol? will it B me?=x stay tuned to find out..

tml or i should say today is a new day liao.. hopefully i wun do the same old things..hehe.. but probably will n should do same thing..arghh

noe a new fren 02.. why she called 02..-.-... but she quite slow reply.. nvm.. wait for her..then i go slp

i conclude with another saying to some1..

fate has brought u 2 together as frens.. fren for 1 day.. frens forever.. just forgive n forget..^^.. dun b angry or sad or watever.. dream of ashin or monster bah

28/5/04 first day completed

haha.. since i now swear to write 1 blog per i continue..
i can summarize my day in 1 word.. interesting..haha

at the start of day, watch enews..they tok abt life n love.. like wat they r toking..

den online liao..hehe.. chat n play games on com frm 1pm to 5 pm..hehe.. everyday routine.. chat with yanping..esther..den creating this blog..creating this blog fun fun.. although u see the final product nt so nice.. but nvmm.. fun^^

hmm den go slp liao.. wake up at 6++.. wan to see sun wu kong mahz.. pipaning ge long ding = =".. my fav netfren nick..* eeeeeeeeee*..

den a sms come.. frm yizhen..=x.. netfren again.. haha.. sms for awhile.. den she ask me whether i free on june... of coz i surprised.. seldom gt gal sms me like tat..><.. hmm hope i wun disappoint her lo

wee.. watch the whole 3 hr .. den 10pm watch news.. den hear MJ tok.. michael jordan say 1 sentence very nice..

i quote " it ok nt to succeed, but it nt ok nt to try" nice hor..

1 of my principle of life also.. but tink i fail miserably to abide by it..

hehe.. after news.. online again*surprise surprise*

chat chat time.. alway haf wonderful time chatting with my netfrens..alway haf wonderful time disturbing them..hehe
cannie, yizhen, yanping, samantha, tem,wendy, jennifer, peishan.. i now writing this blog.. peishan just offline.. hmm.. she seem sad... i nv saw her reply me..sian.. cannt go tok to her.. must b her sch result den nt happy 1..haiz.. paisehz ah, peishan

i write so long liao.. but nite still young..jia you wor tem n peishan dun b sad..maybe i write later

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

duo luo life Posted by Hello

haha.. first blog..

hihi.. i nt very gd at designing.. just for fun only..siannnn...