Friday, May 28, 2004

a end of day..430am

reali very very tired now.. so write a short short 1.. hmmchienwen nt online.. go see midnight show.. companion to chat overnite..

lol.. chat with hapi agian.. after tink 1 wk..she seem alway like tat 1..haha.. alway can tok alot.. you yuan bah.. tou ji can tok quite nice togther

hmm..wo bu shi bo xin de ren..i just sometime dun tink of things 1..sorri hor to tat person..

hmm lijun or in short form jun is a very gd netfren of character.. gt spirit.. gt a golden heart also..alway enjoy chatting with her.. be it soccer or other stuff..sometime also very hot tempered gal:X.. but nvm.. add to her beauty..hehe.. write so much abt her:X.. sound like i like her like tat^^"..hope she dun stay moody hor..

sian.. i tink i alwy tok alot.. duno make sense alot.. but fun la.. blog..record my tots..

oi jun..u r the best..*hope u see it if nt nvm*..

tem ,wo mei you force u tag it...

i gt a problem to tink now.. but cannt say in blog..see how it develop..nites sweet dream

1 comment:

JuN said...

wah.. write so much abt me..cuz i say u issit..nv write on me.. now wrote a chunk on me.... *blush*..
by the way.. i dun think i that good lor..
i where got so good...but thanx anyway