Friday, August 25, 2006

wkends.. alert amber.. ahm

this wkend will be quite eventfull..
cb today found out tat my fieldbag haven stolen
totally shocked

why will ppl steal other ppl things
reali no integrity 1
fucked up world

later sat nite will bk in
sunday will have ahm..
satwill have alert maber check n call bacjk

ahm sunday i will need to run 10 km wor
o.O me garang rite
hopefully can see alot of meinu

getting lost in this world.. no gals chat withme

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

midweek bllues n puurple n green

damn sian .. now onli tuesday..

i hate being in camp

totally nt postive abt camp

it is a total waste of time

haiz just hate my life now..

keke..i feel very lonely. duno wad to do now.. btw lijun comment mi.. wah will nv gif up 1.. hmm will nv gif up on marryiing lijun de

haha bieng lame.. paisehz..

me just happy go lucky.. i nv will gif up.. i must be positive.. n get wat i wan..

thanks for hearing my grumbles.. dec 19 .. faster come

Monday, August 21, 2006

tsk tsk heard national rally..

watch the broadcast of national rally on tv

quite interesting.. tok abt wide-ranging topics

but ok la.. ard the same.. income .. elderly.. population.. digital age


quite relevant to me.. haha even mention abt myspace..

singapore govt making the singapore more competitive.. they urging us to step up to challenge.. haiz

more n more jobs will be offered to foreigners who create valllue..

i need to be vallued person..
i wan achieve
lol cannt be thrown aside by the elite singaporeans n foreigners

i wna be rich

Sunday, August 20, 2006

tired sia.. lose money.. eat grass for months

damn sianz.. now blogging after losses of betting money abt 20 dollars.. sad
i wan win money de
bbut damn my luck n fate!

today went play soccer.. lose form.. my usual match sharpness jsut went flat...

i was quite pooped afffter the match

i create a few goals but nv score

damn sad

tml start revise for exams.. n tests.....

jincai u can make it