Saturday, July 22, 2006

companion or dear or buddy or honey...

hmmm.. confused by the definitions of all those words.. i confused..


nth much happen this wk..

just as usual. ahh feel deadline coming soon.. stress.. stress..

now listening wu yyue tian song to relax

must finish ntu cert by end of july

aug 3==> ftt

by this wkend.. try to revise lesson 1-6 of my T1..

i wan score 100!!!

later going ndp!


Friday, July 21, 2006

erm okie

seriously i duno wad to blog here

i was like damn tired now

sian.. gals very hard to please

gt any1 have the secret manual of hw to deal with gals suuccessfully

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

last few days of off

mon to wed off..

do nth much except online n online..

now feel quite tired.. tml camp.. or in like 4 hrs i will be in camp

haha.. is ok with mie when i in camp

i dun nid tink too much

i just immersed in work

no gals problem.. no relationship problems.. no frenship problems

i now quite scared..
toomani ppl know where my blog is..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

memories of movies and meeting places

hmmm yesterday i mit a gal at my fav meeting place in tampines mall

the burger king.. becoz it always nt crowded..... mit her at burger king.. she doris.. hmmmit her through wlny..
live quite close to mi.. she 28!!.. haha divorcee with kid.. interesting woman..
gagga.. enjoy chat with her.. ermm she treat me burger king!

haha suddenly let me remember the dates or appt i went on with frens n netfrens.. the movie we see .. the places we meet.. i tink i try to compile here.. if anything else u wn contribute. tell me.. my memory may lapse

lijun=> amelyville horror=> the gal who luff at the movie ==> ps

cailian ==> initial d => toa payoh eng wah

grace==> failure to launch ===> suntec eng wah

green==> slither ===> golden village

wah so few gals.. must jio more

places i first mit gals

tampines mall==> cailian
TM burger king==> michelle, doris
TM kfc=> shiying
plaza singapura==> chienwen, renee
clarke quay=> kim, joycelyn
grace, green==> city hall interchange
lijun peishan xiusen==> wild wild wet
tp=> minmin
amelia=> cineleisure
esther=> marina bay