Saturday, June 18, 2005

when i die, i wan


when i die, i wan to domany things

first ting is to find my mother

second thing is to tell the world i dun nid them

third thing is to find a way to restart life..

i reali regret some choices i took.. n i hurt ppl

there r so many things i haf done wrong
or i had nt done


i wan thechance to atone for wat i do..

i wan the chance to save my mother...
i wan my mother to live.......

why i m the 1 who is so helpless..

why m i the onli 1 who noe my mother is having a heart attack.. why cant i act more incisve.. call ambulance faster.. why cant the ambulance move faster.. why cant i do anything rite

when will i haf the chance to atoneee?

i hate my life
i hate myself
i just dun wan live this life

Friday, June 17, 2005

i dunnoe how to write

wakaka.. i m crazy.. today friday.. my off day..nthg to do. actually wan mit some1.. but he prefer to go cycling then go out with me

so sad=(

i gt no frens..

i actually wan write abt my 1 day as spec mess boy.. it is a memorable experience

i guess my army life wun b so sian at all
it will b meaningful saikang over n over
why life must treat me like this?

my social life is dying
i duno wat to do
i wan to go out
i wan to flly
i wan to find u

why u all dun wan me le?

duno.. u tink lei?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i the best soldier of the mth

lolz PTE CHUA JIN CAI==> soldier of the mth.. wat a joke!!..

lolz u believe ma? i dun believe lo

jincai is a very slack guy.. lazy to walk.. lazy to exercise.. lazy to work
he just wan to stare at com n chat online whole day


wat a joke?

lala.. i havent post in a few days.. where should i start

i should start frm monday

monday in all should ba very boring day

morning n afternoon slack in frt of com

but hmm nite i gt a surprise

chienwen go out with me.. omg .. wat a rare occasion.. wat a surprise.. wat a joy to my life
lolz kua zhang!

haha.. anyway she look gorgeous in white shirt n grey/brown skirt..o.o"

actually planned to watch movie
but in the end nv

just eat dinner.. n walk all Orchard!!

enjoy the nite breeze.. enjoy the crowd.. enjoy the chat.. enjoy her..

a nice nite i haf..

but sumtime i reali duno how to tok to her..

maybe she n i nt quite suitable bahz..

shocked news:: minmin get attached.. yanping get attached.. amelia oso get attached

wah sad

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Impossible to love myselF

Today Newsheadline" onlIne buayas beware:"

this article is on ppl online who are so desperate n so pervert to hook up with schoolGIrls...!!

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

all human seem all revolving ard this word..


ahh i felt struck by lightning when i saw this article..

issit saying me?

i admit i quite flirty online

tat why i noe erm 120 gals online.. based on my msn contacts..

frm 13-25.. i haf it all...

hmmm wah i feel so disgusted with myself liao..

but hmm why i come online to find frens lei, why i come find gals to chat with..

i duno why??

maybe i feel lonely??

but i nv regret coming online to netchat.. i made alot of gd netfrens.. they brighten my life.. they add sparkle to my life.. i enjoy chatting with them.,....
haha.. m i a sex pervert??

let analyze:::

do i ask gals abt their erm waitsline or breats size??

ANs: yes...oops

do i ask gal out to meet??

ANs: yes

do i ask gal out for sex??

ANs: partially yes!? jokingly ma...

do i look at gal figure n looks b4 i look at their personality??

Ans: yes..

aHhHhH.. i a certified online sex pervert

omg omg omg!!

gals pls run away frm me!!

dun fall into my honey trap!!

pls dun hatespam me in my tagboard!

i duno i a gd person or bad person.. mayBe i Just sick