Wednesday, October 20, 2004

last day of freedom

hmm now is 1200am .. i start to write this.. i feel headache n duno wat feeling.. i tink is very down feeling..

today bz day.. i keep reviewing wat to buy n check n check again.. n buy n buy again.. siao 1.. make my day feel bz.. n i feel very heavy-hearted n sick..

later at 745 i will take ferry to tekong n towards to my new life.. ahh.. a few of frens come encourage me.. thank u for concern..

they make me feel happier.. but.. hmm today last day.. n i nv see any netfrens ard .. only gt chienwen.. her mood oso nt gd.. she crazy la.. =x..

sad mood to play gb.. no mood to do anyting.. wan to chat with ppl.. to make me feel hapi.. buut hmm no 1 at all..

sian wor.. feel so down now.. how i going to survive in ns.. arghh..

down jincai= nt nice jincai= bad jincai

hmm should haf prepared for everything in ns ba..

i sure hope i nv leave impt thing behind..

btw, i will b away frm oct 20 to nov 6 i tink..

dun miss me.. but haiz no 1 do..the disappeared netfrens.. guess time haf wash away out frenship=)

ahhh: if u free, pls sms me.. becoz i will b very lonely n bored inside..

hp: 91725710

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

duno wat to tink..

i very confused..

today is my last day liao.. but it seem so dull.. except 1 ki siao charbo=P..keep saying miss suaning me..haha

aiya.. finish my shopping spree.. i buy n buy.. ahh but still lack a few things.. dunnoe wat to tink liao..

nw gg to rain soon.. haa.. thunder alot..omg

i gg to start my new life soon.. 2 yrs issit fast?.. challenges lay ahead of me..

somehow i wish i can b hapi

oo still nv see a few close netfrens.. where they run?

Monday, October 18, 2004


so tired yesterday.. woke up at 950am.. haf to go play soccer with frens at 10.. late~~

but haiz.. reach there onli gt 2 frens nia.. the rest haiz.... all slp late or last min cancelled.. so sad..

den we wait lo.. for abt 1 hr.. hmm den they reached.. den we decided to watch movie..

ahh... my soccer.. sad cnnt play..

watch the sky captain 1.. haha.. very interesting movie.. set in old old time.. but gt futuristic weapon.. like laser gun , big bulky robots, oo n a flying airbase.. haha.. if u like combat action .. u definitely will like the movie. alt of flying n shooting.. haha.. the plot nt bad la.. very ez to follow.. n the chemistry between law n paltroww very gd... so it make quite a gd movie..

den go for lunch .. den they haf to run home to pack for booking in. sad .. but i will join 2 day time.. ty ty... they all welcoming me -.-.. wah their platoon nt so xiong 1.. how abt mine??

hmm.. still did nt really prepare for ns.. havent buy most of necssary things.. haha.. avoiding again..

arghh.. i gg to miss the computer.. i gg to miss looking at soccernet, straitstime n dling songs.. sob sobz.. inside onli gt TODAY

sian sianer sianest..

Sunday, October 17, 2004

hmm sunday.. 3 more day to NS


today nt a gd day for me..

i feel reali disgusted with myself.. for feeling weak emotions.. for wanting to cry.....

my frens book out liao.. hapi for them.. but still havent see them yet..

nth to feel

waiting for the day to come

welcoming the shaver to cut off my hair..

welcoming the day i wear the green uni n say saf pledge..

new style of life.. new kind of person..

i dun haf gd memory.. i could nt even remember wat i do this thing even a wk ago..

hmm hope i nv forget u ba......nv forget the enjoyable times online..

will nv forget i nt a gd person