Wednesday, October 20, 2004

last day of freedom

hmm now is 1200am .. i start to write this.. i feel headache n duno wat feeling.. i tink is very down feeling..

today bz day.. i keep reviewing wat to buy n check n check again.. n buy n buy again.. siao 1.. make my day feel bz.. n i feel very heavy-hearted n sick..

later at 745 i will take ferry to tekong n towards to my new life.. ahh.. a few of frens come encourage me.. thank u for concern..

they make me feel happier.. but.. hmm today last day.. n i nv see any netfrens ard .. only gt chienwen.. her mood oso nt gd.. she crazy la.. =x..

sad mood to play gb.. no mood to do anyting.. wan to chat with ppl.. to make me feel hapi.. buut hmm no 1 at all..

sian wor.. feel so down now.. how i going to survive in ns.. arghh..

down jincai= nt nice jincai= bad jincai

hmm should haf prepared for everything in ns ba..

i sure hope i nv leave impt thing behind..

btw, i will b away frm oct 20 to nov 6 i tink..

dun miss me.. but haiz no 1 do..the disappeared netfrens.. guess time haf wash away out frenship=)

ahhh: if u free, pls sms me.. becoz i will b very lonely n bored inside..

hp: 91725710

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Mysticman said...

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