Monday, October 18, 2004


so tired yesterday.. woke up at 950am.. haf to go play soccer with frens at 10.. late~~

but haiz.. reach there onli gt 2 frens nia.. the rest haiz.... all slp late or last min cancelled.. so sad..

den we wait lo.. for abt 1 hr.. hmm den they reached.. den we decided to watch movie..

ahh... my soccer.. sad cnnt play..

watch the sky captain 1.. haha.. very interesting movie.. set in old old time.. but gt futuristic weapon.. like laser gun , big bulky robots, oo n a flying airbase.. haha.. if u like combat action .. u definitely will like the movie. alt of flying n shooting.. haha.. the plot nt bad la.. very ez to follow.. n the chemistry between law n paltroww very gd... so it make quite a gd movie..

den go for lunch .. den they haf to run home to pack for booking in. sad .. but i will join 2 day time.. ty ty... they all welcoming me -.-.. wah their platoon nt so xiong 1.. how abt mine??

hmm.. still did nt really prepare for ns.. havent buy most of necssary things.. haha.. avoiding again..

arghh.. i gg to miss the computer.. i gg to miss looking at soccernet, straitstime n dling songs.. sob sobz.. inside onli gt TODAY

sian sianer sianest..

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