Friday, December 08, 2006


i need cash to flow in.. haha

lols can i sell backside


edging towards my ord date..

feeling hapi
can find perm job..
aiya any job oso can la..

i wan be useful.. dun wan sit ard in frt of com.. hope the job gd n work environment gd can liao..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

dec 7

veri tired now... now is like 3 am in the morning.. guess i gg sleep soon.. damn tired

well taking exam at expo seem fun.. so i clear finsih this yr exams.. till T4.. 5 more paper to clear before going to ACCA..

i will jiayou 1.. focus n achieve.. =) now my next aim is to find decent job .. i dun expect much.. i just wan a nice working environment.. n earn lots of money

btw i tink i need to be more disciplined abit since i tink last few days i keep slacking but ok la tink i did well in the paper.. but still quite slack.. tink i need take more papers exams to test my limits...

btw i swore to jog everyday.. i getting fat.. wah liew my fren say so


nth interesting happen in my life.. okie hmm see the news tat ppl r dropping dead like flies...they r very healthy in person but they can suddenly go off lidat in sleep n so on.

guess u need to treasure ur life while it last..

xmas.. my 22nd xmas.. any xmas gifts hehe?