Saturday, October 15, 2005

protect my life

i just dun wan to live

life has become bland

life has become a routineeeeee

i waan break against the barrier

but i wan build a wall that protect me against the people who want to hurt me

so many ppl hurt me

so many ppl passed by ,my life n left something for me to grieve

saw a article on new paper today

abt a husband who everyday go to his wwife n daughter grave to say word to her since 2001.........

he grieve for her

he blame himself for nt dying with them......

but he live on
such guilt
how he live on with it

i oso duno how i going to live

it beeeeen 4 1/2 yr already

i cannt move on

Thursday, October 13, 2005

hia i make ppl angry with my antics

hmm i make ppl angry again le

with my lousy boliao antics
why i slame n bliao
why i dun tink b4 i act?

tuesday i do something bad
i dun wan say wat stuf
just tat i feel sori for those action

but it all in a bit of impulse


hmm on other note,

1 more day of army
den 2 days of freedom

i very tired i just wan to b on gd terms with tat gd fren again

Monday, October 10, 2005

sunday in short

hmm 1 more day to bk in day.. veri sian la

wake up abt 11

get short notice to watch movie

in 40 min i must reach plaza singapura to watch movie lo

watch GOAL

a movie abt a aspiring football star who travel across LA to england to realise his dream...

his fathe rstoppied
but with his support fmr his grandma.. and his belief..

he finali got wat he wants.. despite his dad died...
den go makan n walk ar.d..
sms sister when bishan event start

reach there at 5
sister havent reach
i saw tempura

she pretty in black
saw chuying oso
she nv recognize me
wah so sad lo

but her figure super gd!~!
went up concert stage with my poster n my ticket for them to sign
they all shook my hand.. =)
i yoz them

mayday roxs

nt much a fan of chasing sstars
but i like the feeling of them performing live
so alwya try to make to thier events

hoping to see them sing live

den abt 7 i reach tvmediacorp.. i going to watch superfunkie recording


haha mayday is performing
they sing ya guan n chi zu

gagaga.. i see superstars live..:s
they r very cold

jokes sux
tot tv caught me many times
remember to see the 6th or 7 esposide of superfunkie which gt mayday

finali end my date.. nt going back camp sian.. life
looking forard to wkend

5 more days