Friday, September 22, 2006

hello every after a bz wk

i tink my com spoil.. damn sick with it.. can any1 sponser 1 computer for me?
if some1 do tat, i will marry him for whole life.. damn..

i cannt live without my com.. now i even blogging in camp lo.. damn sad la...

how ah?

sian my life damn chiam la.. just now gif my boss see my leave forecast.. damn sad.. even wan cancel my bday off n extra clearance n ffi which every1 is entitled to..
i know the branch lack ppl.. but sian.. every1 else who is like ording all gt these kind of privileges.. why doesnt i have lei?

damn i dun like bitching abt my life.. but my life.. hiaz.. how to find job in these kind of stagger clearing leave.. help la help la..

i just wan to live a peaceful life.

hmmm receive my first bday present this yr.. i m very touched by it.. usually ppl wun remember my bday.. i just erm nobody to anybody.. i just live quietly .. it is a very nice presnet.. i like it very much.. care to suggest how i repay her back..

seriously i duno..
i owe her too much..

hmm i duno if any1 is still reading my blog arnot.. if u r, thanks for everyting.. n thanks for paying attention to me..

thanks for making me feel my life is nt soemthing tat shd be wasted away..

i just heard abt a guy called dr william tan... oops my mam is here