Saturday, October 02, 2004

ATTituDe ppl r VeRI irritatinG


today i so suay.. see so manygals who r obvioously nt in gd mood

o.o the first 1... she actually scold bad word to me lehz...-.-"

so violent

the second 1.. ppl hao xin go ask her relax.. she alway bz mahz.. n ignore ppl 1.. while her erm clasmate very relax play gb:P.... n the other 1 erm look free on msn.. n nt so fierce like the BZ gal when i tok to her

kaoz.. irritating when ppl go keep arghh n go crazy.. n ask me to go look for other ppl chat.. wat so big deal with grades.. even if u Get all Bs in poly, u will haf chnace to go into uni 1... now uni very open to poly grad..BOO

Hehe the third 1 no attitude to me la.. gt warn me.. but she so quiet..LOL

poly is stress meh.. now i tink i feel so relaxed tat time.. i still can score lots of B.. i still rmemeber when i do proj, i still msg away with using msn.. n in sch keep on irc n so on.. yawn.. relax la


Thursday, September 30, 2004

nth happen.. i feel glad..


nth happen..
so nice
whole day online again..
take specs in afternoon.. i look batman
rain whole day
o.o see yz nick until bth
o.o chat with miss crappy..=D.. nice nick?
eh....normal day la.....................

oh 21 days to NS.. n abt 4 days to bday?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

erM I hope i will Forget ppl

haha.. today is wed 29th sept==> CW enlistment day.. gd luck to him..n thank him for giving me a expensive nt bad la.. you xin.. something to remember u by..wahaha.. beside tat 29 yr old gal.

hmm.. monday spend whole day at WWW.. get wet n wet n wet... play many rides.. but only the slide up is very interesting.. n dangerous.. when i play for first time.. haha.. my face turn white....=x.. it is damn scary.. no protection sia.. if overturn.. sure hurt badly.. den play other rides.. haha.. must haf play a dozen times.. in the end.. leg turn wiggly.. climb up so many stairs.. n still haf to walk in the strong current in the shiok river. duno how to swim mahz haf to walk..:'(

interesting n fun day. nice to spend it woith frens

haha.. tuesday.. rot at home.. but whole day slp.. becoz gloomy.. no mood play com..

hMM.. WHEN fRENship turn into memories.. i tink is becoz of less chat less seeing each other.. so we will become memories..haiz..

arghh.. duno is becoz i saw them in real life.. n then i feel hard to tok to them.. or they find it hard to tok to me.. hmm getting less n less courageous toking to them.. so hard to tok.. n they dun let me haf a meaningful conversation with them..most of the time i m laming ard....

hmm tink they will forget me..they dun feel a need to at least chat with me.. or wanting to noe how i doing.. haiz.. is alway i intiate conversation.. i noe they bz.. but lolx.. frenship will become memories when we get less familair with each other

forget n forget

Monday, September 27, 2004

:D a five star performance frm a delivery boy

nv write for 2 day.. but dun tink any1 mind.. lolx.. writing is a formality only..

okie.. saturday nth happen.. except rot online.. play gb with frens.. lidat lo..


i woke up early.. i slp at 4 previous nite n wake up at 7 becoz of tooth ache.. now still gt lingering pain.. sianz

den play cm4 until cw msg me to fetch me to comfort driving center where his dream gal is wokring

=.= promise to do tat ting den reali must do lo..

he so gd to take me by TAXI..

haha.. fetch there le.. he told me the instruction.. quite simple la

" go ask counter for doris goh.. when a person come out, ask whether she is doris goh.. n den deliver her the gift.. n saying some1 sent me to deliver 1.. but dun say name.. den still haf to say hapi bday n so on.."
actuallly i wan say more rouma things.. but scare tio beaten to death..

haha.. i very steady sia. once i go into the lobby, den i go ask 1 person where the gal is.. den she point to a gal who is serving a customer.. hehe... i heck care.. i go straight to the gal.. den deliver the speech in clear n concise english..muahaha.. den customer who she is serving say " so sweet".. n so on.. wah heaven nv produce such a nice script.. den i see other customer oso come wish her hapi bday.. den i say hapi bday n thanks n gd bye..lolx

haha.. the gal blush sia.. reali .. quite red.. hmm to describe the gal is a very beauitful gal with nice white skin n nice long hair.. wow zhan~~!~!~..look like yang cai ni.. oo i can see her red cheeks n she keep on looking down n say thank u thank u.. haha.. i just delivery boi=x

lolx.. den if u wan to ask where cw.. he is at least 1 road away.. nervously waiting across the road.. i walk here to there so FAR. si kia.. scare until lidat.. why dun wait at entrance

hmm after tat thing, den we walk to nearby kopitiam.. den the gal called back.. haa.. i saw a very shy guy swaying here n there..den they tok n tok lo.. actually the gal quite ye man nu you.. i light bulb.. sian.. standing there nearby cw to b tortured by the HOT HOT weather... keep sweating..lolx

the gal dated him to go out dinner on tuesday...

hmm.. den we eat lunch n rot for other fren to come together to watch movie.~~

den haha i shun bian erm call a netfren.. she gif me her house number..*wink wink*

but sian hp call hm no.. my billl.......

the gal quite on sia.. she keep toking.. i like erm n hmm n uhmm.. ok la.. gt start some topic like wan to meet..tok abt 10min.. den nth to tok.. den i quickly hang it down.. so hard to tok to a gal..*sweat*

haha.. den funny sia.. the gal say i tok little..-.-"

den later the evening we watch police story.. haha.. some part lame n humourous.... some part romantic.. xie ting feng very shaui n lame.. twins oso.. action okok nia.. wu yan zu chao shuai n perverted...

gt 1 part like this 1.." yang cai ni, jackie gf in movie.. tio tied to bomb by wu yan zu.. den like very dangerous la.. den the gal say " can i ask a stupid qn".. do u love me.. den jackie chan funny expression" jin sheng , lai shi wo duo hui ai ni de" chao lame expression n dialogue.. u see movie den will realise..

hmm den gt a part where jackie chan escape frm police station.. wow.. lame n lame n lame..

must watch mOvie.. best To watch with ur gF.. u can say above dialogue to ur gf oso caN