Thursday, May 31, 2007

hmm stttudy stop start

to be honest with myself, i arent concentrating on exams.. ah

5 papers.. 14 days of survival of the fitness...

the mst impt periood of my life in this yr

success of failure?

depend on my will..

damn sad to be nt concentrating

any tips/

3 days to go.. mission hell weeek

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

tml is mY last day of wOrk

ok last day of work.. tired of this company liao.. lol.. wow i actuali work 2 mth.. wad a record.. nxt job i aiming for 1/2 yr

work n work like slave.. tough company to be iin..=( but learn alot.. i do ap charges of local payments and invoicing those oversea cable companies.. lol.. so fun.. dealing with all those gbp inr usd.. so mani currencies... so mani bank recon to handle too.. abn dbs different currencies.. awww oso in charging of filing.. do those payment n receipts vouchers and inputing data.... lol tink improve my doouble entry liao

i such a slave in the company.. last few days in company was bz with scanning document.. i spent whole day scan today.. leg stand until so suan..

tml last day .. tink do the same thing.. scanning n filing.. haha sian no mood liao..hopefully tml can go home early

den thursday le public holiday

must buck up in studies le.. been slacking.. last stretch of road le.. i will survive