Saturday, February 25, 2006

i saw nth buy darkness..

may darkness glorify ur day!!
god save me!
haha.. weird jincai


anyway yesterday bk out early.. hah 8pm lol..
took a bus home.. saw a gal n guy.. making out at the behind of the bus..
i was like omg..
they kiss passionately..
the gal still in sch uni

i was olike.." wtf"//
n then i very sad..
i nv haf this kind of experience before//
lol.. weird ppl dun haf this kind of thing 1. la

then today whole day at home.. wan to make plans.. to go out.. but sumhow plans dun work out.. so i stay hoome.. slp whoole afternn.. sumtime slping is blissful
now i feel like shit when writing this blog.. wan something to blow off my frustration
but cannt find lei
cant find web frens to blow off on..
real frens oso cannt
wish i can go running
jogging or anything

frustrating day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

300 days to ord

very tired

300 days to ord

haha finali can count to 200something

mean very fast la

10 more mths
fast fast
new optimism

new hopes

boring off day- 220206

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

off day tml?

hmm.. today tuesday.. later gg to watch rela marid vs arsenal.. super shiok match
hmm tml off day..
but tml gt activation stuff going on
i scared i being called back
so i praying to god tat nothing happen la
hopefully la

anyway nothing much happened these days

Sunday, February 19, 2006

where is the love

i gt nthg to say abt today
except abit sian
totally no mood to do anything
abit sick i guess
whole day online
finding ppl to fan

hmm i duno if i conservative or wad..
but i dun like gals call guys to mit up or even gals asking guys to be bf..
haha always tink is the guy job
n it a job i did terribly
super sianz la..
nobody to date
nt even in feb 2007
i just a failure?
hmm maybe i should close down myself to the world
n tink of onli 1 thing
to achieve success
success is measured by money i guess
i wan earn more money
more more more
money is root of all worries
lmore money mean less worry
haiz tok too much.. bye haf a ncie wkend..
i gtg for duty later