Friday, January 20, 2006

if i ord tml

haha if i ord tml,

1) i will faster go apply for a job which pay 1000plus n more.. n if i dun like the job, i sack the boss

2) i will tell my boss dun be a naggy auntie becoz if he nag me.. it will totally be no use to me .. as i noe tat i totally haf resistance to old aunties nagging.. becoz i heard 2 yrs of ah ma nagging in my camp liao.. 2wo lai ah ma teach me

3) i will slp late late late late, dun do exercise n basically live a life as a slob

4) go curse my boss for being a twoface creep n say it straight to his face

5) go out play soccer every wkend.

the thing abt army is tat it deprive u of freedom , freedom N FREEDOM N FREEDOM
wat abt equality. there no equality in the world 1 lo.....

haha.. lol.. so hmm nxt time i sack the boss.. nt boss sack me


tsk grace is a pretty gal

Thursday, January 19, 2006

feelings galore..

today is my half day off.. i relax in camp in the morning.. den after 12 i can bk out to haf my half day offs..
haha tml i oso off.. any1 wan jio me out?

hmm this few wks there are alof of activities in hq.. alot of stuff ah..
12km route march.. vigorous PT runs.. lucky i siam it all..
maybe i too lazy le.. but lucky i gt excuse la..
but actuali i dun mind doing all these
but erm if do it once, will do it more in future
so beta keep low..

heard tat thurs gt 16 km route march in lim chu kang forest.. phew.. i OFF..
kk.. dun b so hapi yet
becoz next wk i gt outfield frm tuesday to thurs..
long long wk next wk..

so gg to enjoy tml..
haiz but no 1 jio

but 11 more mths la to ord..
9 mths to clear leave..

wish i can ord fast fast

hmm i mit a gal called grace online... duno why i feel so gd toking to her..
feel tat i can tok anything under the sky with her..lolx
haha we tok for 6 consecutive days.. or rather say nites..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

sumtime in life we want to find happiness but we found shit


today sunday lei
yesterday duty slut
so kana tied down in camp
kana raped..
lucky nthg much happen yesterday
very relaxed wor
just miss the frens outing so abit sad

for the past wk nth happen.. the expected outfield is so sian but lucky gt rain so nv go lim chu kang

as for sat, lolzzzzzzzzzz ok la morning afternn read bk stone
at nite see dvd..
relaxing huh
as for today
i slp alot lo
very slppy
yesterday nv slp
getting fat le

a side issue:
kaoz my CO comment i getting fat liao
must exercise liao

hmm i noe a new gal called grace...
she very nice
hmm gt abit feeling for her

saw shiying today.. lolz

later gg to bk inat 8