Friday, January 20, 2006

if i ord tml

haha if i ord tml,

1) i will faster go apply for a job which pay 1000plus n more.. n if i dun like the job, i sack the boss

2) i will tell my boss dun be a naggy auntie becoz if he nag me.. it will totally be no use to me .. as i noe tat i totally haf resistance to old aunties nagging.. becoz i heard 2 yrs of ah ma nagging in my camp liao.. 2wo lai ah ma teach me

3) i will slp late late late late, dun do exercise n basically live a life as a slob

4) go curse my boss for being a twoface creep n say it straight to his face

5) go out play soccer every wkend.

the thing abt army is tat it deprive u of freedom , freedom N FREEDOM N FREEDOM
wat abt equality. there no equality in the world 1 lo.....

haha.. lol.. so hmm nxt time i sack the boss.. nt boss sack me


tsk grace is a pretty gal

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