Wednesday, February 08, 2006

tired days

now almost 10le..
just bk out frm camp..
gg back soon..
now HQ COY gt so mani activities..
wah so sian lei..
veri tired...
things after things..
tired leiiiiiii
why nobody console me?
haiz wkend lose money..
but doing duties help me earn ard 80 bucks..
so quite hapi.
hmm next wk go outfield again
wonder wad it like again
i tired of being so bzzzzzzzzzzz...
bt oso nice la...
keep mi occupied..
i rdy for ord

Sunday, February 05, 2006

sat duty.. sunday boredom

saturday duty... so is ok la.. nth much.. slp whole nite.. actuali wan study study but no mood..
lol so slp la..
n secretly go onnnline in office.

boring day.. but earn 50 dollars..

sunday a bad day...

the duty ppl who replace me get mc..
i find ppl to replace him.. but all claim to be on mc or something.. very very tired of these stuff...
sad sad...
it a bit disgusting to see this kind of thing..
finali replacement come ard lunchtime den i bk out..
lol totally no mood for the day

hmm later gg to bk in soon
a long wk
hope can survive....

sian cant contact lijun at all