Wednesday, June 23, 2004

4 boiled eggs n 2 dumpling story

sian.. duno why i haf a craving to eat n eat.. si le.. you yao bian da fei zhu le..wahahaha

hmm.. anyway going to army le lo.. everyday sure eat san cai yi tang..3 vegeatble n 1 soup.. so sianzT.T


T.T... duno why i feel so distant frm netfrens le.. where my crapping power??T.T

ERM duno lehz.. really wan a break

money fly away

sian.. yesterday i wrongly buy a match.. i buy italy draw instead of sweden draw.. argh.. stupid cassano score the goal in the 95 min..-.- make me lose abt 28.50.. grrr..stupid italy.. why no draw mahz...:(

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

in memory of a neighbour

hmm.. dunnoe why life is so complex.. once it begins , we look at it with new hope.. when it ends, duno lehz.. recently my neighbour passed away.. a uncle who alway sit at the corridor repairing his bicycle.. although most of the time he look grumpy n look so fierce.. but he usually greet us with a look.. alway can see he zoom ard neighbourhood halfnaked..haha

he passed away due to heart troubles.. same as my mother......die suddenly .. leaving his family in grief..haiz..

den yesterday his wife tried to commit suicide.. at ard 10pm.. she wanted to jump frm her floor which is above us..6th is very dramatic.. alot of ppl standing at downstair n keep screaming " dun jump dun jump"... den...............................................................

"to b continued"

i wonder... if i die, who will grieve for me? who will wan to follow me along.. maybe i will wan her /him to live on.. but living w/o a loved one is so sad........ so unimaginable.. i tink it is the saddest thing in the world..wat will become of me if i lost a loved 1? maybe i will choose to....

Monday, June 21, 2004


haiz.. stupid spain .. stupid greece.. stupid portugal.. stupid russia...n STUPID ME...

arghh.. lose abt 30 dollars yesterday.. see the tickets until sian1/2.. no mood to tok for a day..-.-.. den after the match, i see my ceiling very long.. =.=.. cannt slp.. tinking of the thing i can buy with 30 dollars.. although nt alot to some of u.. but i can do many thing with 30 dollars.. i can buy instant noodles, frenhc fries, nuggets.. alot alot of things to eat..T.T.. my supper..=(

next time i really dun wan buy HT-FT LIAO

du lan.. play cm4 also lose allthe match.. arghhh.. MY STUPID LIFE..


Sunday, June 20, 2004

lose money

haiz.. poor me.. lose n lose.. why i a loser?

so sad.. stupid germny draw
stupid czech lose.. although it is half time only..

sian sian sian

if like tat, how??

i dun wan to b a poor guy.. i noe how to b ppoor..

pls any 1 teach me how to b rich?

haiz.. tiink too much le.. alway zhu ding to ..........

happy father days