Saturday, December 10, 2005

wu yue Tian finaL home Concert at maX pavilion

im going! i M going!

haha.. spent hundred plus just to go there..dUnO la.... tooextravaGANT..?

I gg to enjoy myself there lo

hmm must truly enjoy wu yue tian music


but sumhow on the eve of the concert, i dun feel anything

maybe too dragged down by work le la

sumhow i feel lonely rite now..

why i dun seem to be able to get close to some1..

why cant i ever touch ppl hearts..

m i born lonely?

everfamiliar theme in my blog.. but tell me..

do i deserve all these happen to me?

i do not know n maybe i do deserve it..

my frens.. where r u?

i tired of looking always to the screen.. i tired of always msning ppl..

m i gd person?

m i reali gd?

surely.. i m nt gd.. becoz i duno.. tat how i m... how i wish the old times will return

Thursday, December 08, 2005

life is boring

wat news?

life is boring..
saturday is wu yue tian concert

but tio big bomb.. i nid to go back camp...

hope its onli for the morning

hope hope

i wishing for beta days ahead..
peishan write testi for me
she remember me!

going back cample la

Monday, December 05, 2005

morning afternoon nite

everyday routine is lidat liao
morning wake upo
look forward to breakfast
den look forward to lunch
den stonnnnnnnnnnnne n slp in bunk

den come down to do work..

den look towards teabreak

den workkkkkkkk

den stoneeeeeeeeeee

den look forward to last parade


den dinnnnerrrrrrrr

den .. on bk out nites, den we get to bk out

if nt stay in camp slppppppppppppppppp

how interesting my life is..

ahh.. lijun where u:P
cailiaaan i missssss u
any1 rescue me/?

hmm tired tired

Sunday, December 04, 2005

yeah sunday afternn

hmm..just discovered this is my 262 post onli.. haha i wrote for 1 yr or more liao i tink..
actulai i wrie very little..
ok la i try to update more..

yesterday i went to MARINA square again..haha...
marina square getting to be my fav haunt..
weelung bday.. yuki yaki bfeet
cheechun bday ==> changing appetites

changing appetities actuali nt bad
affordable n nice food oso
i drool over food
although my 1 nt the nicer
but i see others
so yummy
i regret my choice.. black pepper silfon steak(duno how to spell) which cost 16.90

but super yummy

food paradise marina square sia

i wan bring my gf to go there too

hmm actuali at first wan to go marina bay.. but when we reach there. wl changed plans.. sian
haha i m actualli wan to go see chienwen mumor sis whether they r still working there arnot..

den we take taxi over to city hall where we deliberated for very long
finali go marina square

the time will be abt 2 hrs after we first mit..
lolz our grp is very indecisive

the food is gd the company is gd..
but i cant seem to get into the mood..
maybe too long nv see them
duno wat to tok liao..

wah i a born loner..

n hmm this outing burnt mymoney for this mth..
oh shit my fone bills..