Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hmm sorry


i haf to say to those ppl who haf suffered at my hand, at my childish moods..

hmm i guess i have been too nonsense

alway wan to grumble complain, alway say wan to die..-.-

i guess
i too immature
i too selfish

no wonder ppl start to run further away frm me..

hiaz.. i expect too much frm my frens.. i m too full of myself.. i did not respect my frens..

hmm guess this is me.. n i guess i just keep on losing frens ba....

wonder who will see this.. i just haf to say sorry to u all n wish u to continue ur life well in ur own world

Monday, February 21, 2005

some1 tok to me leh


when i online, i feel stressed n sianz n no 1 to tok to

when i offline, i oso feel the same


why i become so unlikeable?

when can i ever find my old crappy self back?

i wan b back

i wan to b a smart senstive old guy again

i gt nth to say le.. please tok to me lehzzz..

Sunday, February 20, 2005

now why must i kill myself?

i must kill myself

becoz my life is worthless

i must kill myself

becoz i dun tink life is getting any beta

i must kill myself

becoz i guess 2 yr is very long

i must kill myself

becoz i gt no fren no life no companiionship

i must nt kill myself


lolz. wat bullshit i m writing?

hmm who will remember me in 50 yrs time?

wah did i sound sad?


now is 1240 sunday.. haf a nice saturaday.. it quite fun la.. but due to my poor organisation, the event was nt quite a resounding success it should b.. but at least it was a enjoyable day

21st birhday

nice hor.. impt yr of bday.. its ur turn adult day... i help celebrate ppl bday.. goairport send ppl off.... den go fish n co.. buy presents for person..

hmmm money all gone.. but ah it is worthwhile i guess

gt wat thing to say abt life? but still haf to survive la..

stupid life
stupid day

tell me when can i ever b hapi agian