Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i in library blogging

omg... i actually in the library blogging.. lol com spoil mahz.. si bei sian..

die die die.. on leave these few days.. yesterday took acct exam.. sian get 74 nia... cant get higher.. my aim is 80 and above.

but okie la.. still okie..

chienwen today birthday.. hapi bday to her..

i looking for job.. but somehow all the job dun suit my timing.. hiaz faster nov come where i clear 1 whoole shot..

must buck in my studies le.. tink lagging behind..

nov gt 1 more.

den dec another 1..

whee.. i on course on finsihing CAT..

nxt ACCA...

hopefully a ntu or nus place.. secured by nxt yr..

looking forward to ord...