Saturday, December 29, 2007

blog post 495

not yet sleeping.. just watch finish arsenal vs everton.. 4-1 arsenal =D...

woohoo.. good.. but nv bet..

life is always full of ironical stuff... i just wish for good things to happen more often than bad things..

this 2 3 mths abit sucky... things that shd nt happen happen becoz of my insistence n fault..

i feel i shdnt do this but yet i do it.. becoz i just dun seem to like to take the easy route..

anyway life is abt experiences.. i just wish i can make full use of the experiences to reali make myself grow for the future..

the future is still bright.. i still wan meet new ppl.. meet new frens.. have new loves.. fall in n out of love.. travel new places.. explore new things.. learn to enjoy life.. have a positive mindset...

yup.. alot to learn n grow.. have alot thing to change.. i guess life n me is nv perfect.. becoz of my inperfectionism cause so much hurt to me.. n make me lose lots of potential experiences n frenship n romance..

i seriously hope i can improve.. so tat with new improved life, i can enjoy my life.. i alreadi live abt a quarter of a century.. still have a lifetime ahead.. need to appreciate every moment of life...
seizing the moment to have new experiences.

moments in life... so precious...

sandy t an i reali need to forget my love for u..

forget the times we spent together

chatting frm 9-6 while doing work
teasing u always
watching u kana teased by others..
ur glaring at me with ur cute big eyes..
ur hating to wear ur specs.. (u look cute in ur specs lei) veri ah ma
ur laziness n slacky.. (so similar to me)
ur "wah laos" n "ting bu dao" n " huh"
ur smile
i wait for u alight the bus before i go home..
ur sweets..

lol.. say too much.. just wan blog so i can reference

i hope i can meet another nice ger like u again...

ssoon new yr.. hapi new yr frens

Monday, December 24, 2007

i need 10 million

yawnn.. xmas eve.. lonely xmas eve..

not going anywhere..


wish i have plans but i dun...

heart still ache for the gal..

but since she dun care, why shd i care


i spending alot


sians need to improve myself oso