Friday, December 22, 2006

3:32am blogging

wonder how long this life can carry on..
blogging at this hr while nt sleeping..

now eagerly searching for job.. seriously dunnoe wad i wan.. n xmas n new yr is coming.. no money to spend..
mean probably nt doooing anything special/

been rotting this few days.. serioously gaining nowhere..

where my spirit where my power... i wan be forever fightiing.. but i so tired....

lazy libran.. tat is me.. i know i can do alot.. but i just too lazy.. nxt yr will be a pivotal yr for me..

23 yrs old.. wah si bei old lei.. while i wondering wad to do with my life..

tell me wad u wan to do with ur life..

hard to know sia.. i very lousy at adapting to new changes...

so now i feeling terrible.. everything is moving while i still remain at the same spot...

Thursday, December 21, 2006


sori for letting the blog rot..been bz with my life..albeit unsuccessful life

been to a few interviews le.. all start with " let me know more abt urself"

as u know i not a gd talker, i probably fumbled through

haha every interview is a new experience, gd or bad... dun wan to say

let say it been a learning experience...

hmm but still i cant find a job that is reali suited for me..

si bei sian.. i tink anyhow find job liao.. need money more urgently

but need to consider my study time oso.. veri hard to find company to accomodate timing

haixx.. reali dun know wad to say.. tink i lack working experince.. so everything is new to mi

can i adapt to it?

tink i need to market myself aggressively.... if nt i sure die in the carcasses of interviews

hahaha.. been doing flyer distribution jobs.. damn shag.. any more lobang?
i nid instant cash