Friday, December 22, 2006

3:32am blogging

wonder how long this life can carry on..
blogging at this hr while nt sleeping..

now eagerly searching for job.. seriously dunnoe wad i wan.. n xmas n new yr is coming.. no money to spend..
mean probably nt doooing anything special/

been rotting this few days.. serioously gaining nowhere..

where my spirit where my power... i wan be forever fightiing.. but i so tired....

lazy libran.. tat is me.. i know i can do alot.. but i just too lazy.. nxt yr will be a pivotal yr for me..

23 yrs old.. wah si bei old lei.. while i wondering wad to do with my life..

tell me wad u wan to do with ur life..

hard to know sia.. i very lousy at adapting to new changes...

so now i feeling terrible.. everything is moving while i still remain at the same spot...

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