Wednesday, December 27, 2006

seriously been bz with life

intervviews.. appts.. assignments...been going n going for the past few week..
sian is becoz all those is all with job agent.. nobody call me for secondround of interviews..
but quite hapi tat alot of ppl called me for accounts assistant position.
but i been going for IT, admin job positions second round of interviews
they r faster.. but i tend to stumble at the technical qns they ask..
si bei sian sia..
but is ok.. nt going to do IT job..
hmm now awaiting for the calls.

i wna do acct asst job lei. find it more thingto learn..

been doing temp assignment.. earn money but LOST it all IN SOCCer..

sian 1/2

upcoming events..... go amk fr temp assignment and visit fairpricehypermart on 29 dec...

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