Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sha gua

hmmm i love the way she say these words.. all those anger directed at her all disappeared...

hmm i dun tink how she treat me .. just as long as she will remb me..

okie euff abt her..

today on duty.. tml leave.. fri leave.. i tired of 3 guards.. reali cant wait to get out of it..

hmmm.. but wad to do?
still so long to ord..

see my frens ord.. i hapi for them..
but how abt me..

i reali tired...

haha.. i still have my goals n aims to fight for...
millionaire jincai here i come

Sunday, October 22, 2006

tired after a day of duty

i totally disgusted.. i lose money in gambling again.. maybe i tink i too lousy le..
luck is nt always with me/// but /.. haiz i totally lose hope le

hmmm i 22 le.. soon 23.. but i feel i nv achieve anything of note..
who will remember chua jincai

hmm probbaly no one

tell u something..

my greatest wish in life will have a wonderful family.. a beautiful wife n 3 beautiful kids, a car n a house.. and a well paying job..

my dreams is so far away...

somehow i know i will achieve

but first dun gamble in football le

they really kill