Saturday, July 09, 2005

today 5 am saturday

lolz.. now i just woke up..haha.. just nwo fall aslp ard 12.. hee

bk out ard 7 in the evening.. damn tired

receive 2 bad new..nono 3 bad mews

1) bk in sunday nite(8pm)
2) shooting IMT..ahh whole day in tekong.. 6 am go out
next wk quite packed with events
chu ji dan

okie.. gt wat plan later?


no plan at all.. die lo any gals care to jio me out???

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

why did why did why did u do this to me?

AHH god.. why did why did why did u do this to me?

why today so fats is wenesday le?

why so fast i nid go back camp le

i hate going back to camp

2 more days to wkend.. quick wkend faster come

hmm yesterday i go esplanade .. wanting to see chienwen but in the end see fireworks.. first time see firework so close.. magnificent.. beautiful.. i love fireworks......

haha eaten dinner with cailian oso..zz.. kfc 2 piece chicken!! so bad haf to let her treat again.. ahh so bad made her walk frm ps to suntec.. so bad haha to erm make her walk across the grass patch..cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee.. make her grow blister.. so bad.. haha.. so ungentleman me is.. but tat who i m.. sad

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

be with you

this is a very romantic movie i watched today.. super nice.. super worth any money of this world..

the storyline goes like this..

a guy n his son miss his wife n the son's mother very deeply.. she had died 1 yr ago.. n b4 she died.. she made a promise to come back at the start of the rainy season.. the father n son hold dear this promise..

rainy season start.. he n his son yuki went to the spiritual place(the beautiful forest where they spent their yrs together in ) where he discovered his wife again but sadly she had forgotten who is he n his son..
he is super hapi..hmm slowly through the director's excellent directing, i was led to see how they loved each other deeply n how the family r deeply attached to each other b4 the wife died.. hmm the guy told his wife how they fallen in love how they get married .. it is simple but yet elegantly is quite romantic n touching.. hmm den like this the guy made the wife to re fall for him again n they r happily together again.... wah the son act superbly well.. he is very cute 6 yr old kid.. wah cute cute.. hmm den sadly there is no hapi ending to tis.. rainy season ended.. sumore the wife had to leave.. she haf to leave.. i duno y.. sumore the story said she must leave.. she knew it frm a diary she found in her personl belonging.. in her diary dictate everyday she is with her husband.. den tat fateful day.. a very sad scene.. she left.. left behind 2 very sad guy.. but she done alot of things for them..
she ask the colleague of the guy to help her take care of the guy.. den go into cakeshop to order 12 yr worth of cake for her son untilhe is 18.. haiz.. arghhhhhhhh.. so sad.. hm then the guy found her diary.. den frm her diary.. he found out how she fall in love with him frm her is so cute lo in the way both version of how they fall in love with each other.. hwo they noe they r born for each other.. very romantic.. hmm n then gt 1 time when the guy noe he gt disease which caused him cannt run n he feel he do nt deserve the gal love.. den he break with the gal.. den the gal left for toyko.. but the guy want to see her one more time den he chased after her in toyko.. he saw her .. saw her veyr happy. so he run away in despair in the rain.. in the gal version, she saw the guy run away.. she chase after him n then kana knocked down by car.. den was transported to a future.. a future which was 1 yr after her death.. tat fateful rainy season..lolz..she saw tat she will die at 28.. she saw how she is happily by his side ...only with him she will get her happiness.. n their happiness's product is thier son.. n the wonderful few yrs they had together.. although the life together is short.. but it is happiness.. n then she was transported back she chose the guy as his husband.. n thus continue on this romantic journey which she drew a illustrated storybk tat told her son she will come back after 1 yr.. tat fateful rainy season..lolz..

haiz.. i duno wat to say.. it left me speechless

i like the part in which illustrate deeply the love the father n son had it for the wife.. the father regretted he had nv given his wife happiness b4.. n the son tot he had caused her death.. hmm but wife nv tink so.. she deliberately come back tat rainy season to reassure them.. to gif tat special miracle rainy season which they relived thier happiness again.. n tat wife noeing she will die at 28..she saw her happiness when she come back during tat fateful rainy season. she choose tat guy noeing she will die at 28.. a short life seeing tat she is 20 tat time.. she noe she will only b hapi by the guy side.. he is her happiness.. no matter hwo short.. n she haf her happiness which is her son yuki.. n hmm the story ended with both father n son reassured by the wife n they continue thier life.. without the regret tat plague them

another bored off day

haha.. duno why lei..

i gt 3 days off

but i keep complaining it is boring..

but when i in camp
i complain it is too stressfull

but at least it occupy my time
but then the life there is so fucked up

i duno la..

i such a contradicitng perosn..

plans plans.. last off day coming soon.. going back camp soon.. sianz

i see every1 is happily i feel? jealous?

Monday, July 04, 2005

tis is monday afternoon

i totally bored


my off days spent like this

totally sianz day!

i noe i haf to enjoy all off days since it so rare

i duno how to plans my days.. i wan everyday to do something interetsing

to do something tat will make my day

everyday will make a difference to my own life

July 4

nth happen at all

Sunday, July 03, 2005

yo i back..

ahh.. duno my com spoil.. but tink quite long.. sad
finali i back

today sunday morning liao.. nobody here

hmm actually i wan spend my days w/o com

but too addicted to it liao

duno duno
nvm nvm.. life still gone on

n let me b deluded alway!!

i poor n bankrupt

some1 gif me money lei
i poor n no money liao
i just wan something more
i wan a gal

siao liao la..

me crazy le

more money= more gal?

oo jumbled tots..

i dreaming again.. i just wan a life