Thursday, October 05, 2006

happy bday to jincai

okie... becoz i dun have my com.. cant blog as i please.. so it a late wish for myself.

i quite happi.. enjoy my bday cruise in a lst to the big open sea off pulau sudong..

haha.. do nth much there.. except fly in a helipcopter frm ship to pulau sudong.. sian
bday oso tekan nid go outfield exercise.. EXERCISE GOLDENSAND..

hmmm nv bring my hp along.. so did not receive all ur bday wish at firsthand..

but thank u all for ur wishes n the way u remb me.. i quite touched.. thanks..

hmm till now i still receive hapi bday sms.. becoz haha i set my bday in frenster to oct 5..

they dunnoe my bdat is oct 3.. but nvm thanks for thier sms n thoughtfulness..

especially ade.. hmm she a gal i know nt so soon ago.. but she left a deep impression on me.. she so much mature than me but she still retain childishnes. i like her alot..
she 23...

anyway i enjoy my bday trip alot.. this yr quite memorable like last yr.. hopefully i get more nicer bdays like this..

as for my bday wish, hmm i just wish the best for all my u all muackies..

ade, amelia, chienwei, cailian, lijun, rebecca, grace, jiaqun,yufen, my sisters and cheechun, chenwei, weelung, wenqiang...