Saturday, September 18, 2004

haha.. injured


feel happy today becoz finally i get to play soccer.. only thing tat ever make me hapi

cool la.. score quite a few goals beisde nt playing for 2 months.. play on court.. although i fat but i do score goals.. natural to me.. hee.. score a stunner today.. a goal any1 will b proud of.. i hit it well n it bend... keeper tot it is out but it bend .... wow.. u can see the bend ...keeper n their players stunned..wahaha.. every1 on the field stunned.. o.o getting proud liao.. but really nice lo.. u haf to b there to appreciate its beauty

hmm soccer is my love n alway my love..

beisde soccer, still the same day as alway.. nt much ppl to chat with.. gb n gb.. i mad le

Friday, September 17, 2004

THE aimOf LIfe

ever wonder wat ur aim in living? u will notice it will change everytime every moment
.. not becoz u r fickle..just tat u r changing every min every moment.. sometime u wish to do something sometime u wish to do another thing.. n sometime it is in conflict with the thing u wished for

only change is constant.... u wun understand any person including urself well euff.. becoz ppl gt impulse ... ppl haf desires.. ppl haf hope.. they will act on it n therefore adapt urself accordingly..

ppl say i emotional.. but erm i dun tink so.. i tink i totally devoid of emotions

i do rush into things.. i do regret after doing so.. but i just cannt feel for it.. haha..

maybe i seem like crapping alot.. maybe all i do is to get ur attention.. maybe all i do is hurt u disturb u.... ahh maybe u just tink i a disturbance..i do noe i very disturbing.. i do noe i very irritating.. i do noe i do nt sound like a nice person.. but ever wonder why i do so....

hmMM..nt going to tell u...but i really can say is i will alway b there for a fren.. maybe could nt help.. but i try help try to listen.. try to b a visible fren...but duno who will understand my pain of being invisible

oops getting emotional or devoid of emotion?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

being too emotional??


m ibeing too emotional?

judgoing frm last few post, it look so...

but i dun regret writing it..

becoz it is to fa xie

.... nt much ppl chat with me nowaday.. my skill getting worse becoz no 1 to chat with mahz

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

no more nice guy


although i dun wan admit it,

but i tink i m losing frens le..

although i have been nice to her w/o expecting things.. but somewho ppl cannt tolerate my poor points..

if lidat.. see each other online oso sianz..

RU GUO BU ZAI YOU PENG YOU GAN JUE, WO MEN JIU........................

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

bu qiu hai shi shan meng.. dan qiu jin ri yong you

ahh.. finally i understand something... it beta to treasure now than worry abt future things.. i may lose u.. but beta treasure the days i nv lose u.... hey u can ignore me now.. or u can dun tok to me.. but u wun haf much time to do so le la..i m going off le.. i m going some place
maybe u just look at me as a netfren, unimpt person....maybe u just kelian me.. just hope tat u dun treat me as trash.. throw me at doorstepp.. i just wan treasure everytime i tok to u.. i nv expect alot thing frm ppl.. i just expect attention n respect

laggy blog

today is tuesday.. nv write for a few days.. actually wan write everyday.. but feel blogspot too laggy.. dulan dun write..

hmm..saturaday is saturday.. sunday is sunday.. monday is monday,,

everyday has its happening.. but all the same.. i stay at home play gb or online..

haha.. life is tat worse for me

after WWW, a mth of rest. NS date is oct 20.. feel every1 is reminding me abt bdays.. lolx.. kaoz.. make me feel i should b concerned abt my bday.. but lolx.. i dun seem to celebrate my bday 1.. my most memorable bday is the mi fen n 2 eggs.. prepared by my mum.. becoz tink is the last time she ever celebrate my bday.. n lolx wun b celebrating my bdays ever..n oh erm a surprise cake by my siblings.. nthg much.. my 19 bdays all the same 1... simple pass 20th bday coming soon..hehe.. still the same la.just a simple day pass by..

hmm hapi bdays to whoever bdays is coming soon.. n hope u all get ur wish come true... n haf a wonderful bdays...

=x.. counting down to ns..36 days to NS