Friday, September 17, 2004

THE aimOf LIfe

ever wonder wat ur aim in living? u will notice it will change everytime every moment
.. not becoz u r fickle..just tat u r changing every min every moment.. sometime u wish to do something sometime u wish to do another thing.. n sometime it is in conflict with the thing u wished for

only change is constant.... u wun understand any person including urself well euff.. becoz ppl gt impulse ... ppl haf desires.. ppl haf hope.. they will act on it n therefore adapt urself accordingly..

ppl say i emotional.. but erm i dun tink so.. i tink i totally devoid of emotions

i do rush into things.. i do regret after doing so.. but i just cannt feel for it.. haha..

maybe i seem like crapping alot.. maybe all i do is to get ur attention.. maybe all i do is hurt u disturb u.... ahh maybe u just tink i a disturbance..i do noe i very disturbing.. i do noe i very irritating.. i do noe i do nt sound like a nice person.. but ever wonder why i do so....

hmMM..nt going to tell u...but i really can say is i will alway b there for a fren.. maybe could nt help.. but i try help try to listen.. try to b a visible fren...but duno who will understand my pain of being invisible

oops getting emotional or devoid of emotion?

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