Tuesday, September 14, 2004

laggy blog

today is tuesday.. nv write for a few days.. actually wan write everyday.. but feel blogspot too laggy.. dulan dun write..

hmm..saturaday is saturday.. sunday is sunday.. monday is monday,,

everyday has its happening.. but all the same.. i stay at home play gb or online..

haha.. life is tat worse for me

after WWW, a mth of rest. NS date is oct 20.. feel every1 is reminding me abt bdays.. lolx.. kaoz.. make me feel i should b concerned abt my bday.. but lolx.. i dun seem to celebrate my bday 1.. my most memorable bday is the mi fen n 2 eggs.. prepared by my mum.. becoz tink is the last time she ever celebrate my bday.. n lolx wun b celebrating my bdays ever..n oh erm a surprise cake by my siblings.. nthg much.. my 19 bdays all the same 1... simple pass through..my 20th bday coming soon..hehe.. still the same la.just a simple day pass by..

hmm hapi bdays to whoever bdays is coming soon.. n hope u all get ur wish come true... n haf a wonderful bdays...

=x.. counting down to ns..36 days to NS

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