Friday, August 31, 2007

soo long nv update

reali nth much to update.

sian my wishes nv come true. i fail 1 exam.. nv go smoothly through. guess life nv smooth.

but 1 thing gd abt me. once i fallen down, i will go for more.

hmm nv give up!!

i going for ChFC qualifications. n exams is like 15 days away for the first modules.

wish me luck

nv gifup!!

life nowadays is work n home.

work is so boring. everyday paper work

home is tv n online.

haa totally no mood to study. must buck up liao.

today hapi. fill timesheet with gusto. becoz pay is coming soon!!

i gg be richer by 1 k again..;o

who wan dinner treat frm me.

but i wish to be richer. so i can do alot of things. like treat family to a holiday trip. gif them things they nv have before. who say my mum n dad r poor. they cant gif us much. so we have to strive for it..

we nv have brand new toys. we nv have brand new sch bags, shoes , shirts.

but is ok. i nv envy. becoz i have a great mum. now we r older. but i cant gif back all the love my mum have given. guess my siblings is the onli one i can gif back my gratitude.

haa.. anyway all my siblings study so good.. onli mi. i still veri lousy..

ahhh i wan be a success in a life. ehh

wad if i live to 100.. it is useless if i nv do anything great with this life!!