Saturday, September 30, 2006

sat duty

damn sian .. now duty.. nowadays i keep startiing ,y blog with sian word..

haha yesterday went for ainterview on a library officer post.. so cute... it is quite official.. ask me abt my intro, job skills. wad i learn in sch.. although it last abt 10 mins nia, i like the interiew very much.. i try to impress my interviewers.. can see they quite gd to me
ok la.. its quite fun.. although i cant start after i ord.. they say hr will gif me a call...meaning successful or unsuccessful

i duno la.

tink i hsd go for more interviews to improve my skills..

i tink i still quite sux in the interviewing skills..
any1 can teach m?

sian duty.. shd spend whole day slp..

haizzzzz.... gals very troublesome

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

well on duty today

get some time to blog.. better to blog ..
i love blogging becoz it tell me the joys n fears n the tears i went throught the last 2 1/2 yrs.
i been through alot.. i admit i tink i have grown abit but still nt enough la..
haha still need alot of ppl to teach mi

i seriously tired... i just wan to ord.. den tink f the great new future..

i still a nsf.. i still limited by many stuff..

i wonder if i can truly be happy... tired tired

i need a job.. help help

seriously in need of a fren..

hmm bday coming..

hapi bday to me
hapi bday to lijun
hapi bday to chienwen
hapi bday to waichuan//

cheers.. may every1 be hapi