Saturday, September 30, 2006

sat duty

damn sian .. now duty.. nowadays i keep startiing ,y blog with sian word..

haha yesterday went for ainterview on a library officer post.. so cute... it is quite official.. ask me abt my intro, job skills. wad i learn in sch.. although it last abt 10 mins nia, i like the interiew very much.. i try to impress my interviewers.. can see they quite gd to me
ok la.. its quite fun.. although i cant start after i ord.. they say hr will gif me a call...meaning successful or unsuccessful

i duno la.

tink i hsd go for more interviews to improve my skills..

i tink i still quite sux in the interviewing skills..
any1 can teach m?

sian duty.. shd spend whole day slp..

haizzzzz.... gals very troublesome

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