Saturday, October 20, 2007


one day i cannot stop tinking of her..

one day i canot stop tinking of life

why i have so much worries

i wan throw away my worries n live my life..

maybe i too calculating..

maybe i tink too much

i wan change my life

Friday, October 19, 2007

all by myself

do u feel stress in life?

do u feel like u can do nth rite in this life?

i kindly invite u to kill urself

hmm then again, it is onli human nature to tell urself u can do it. u can overcome it. treasure life.

life is short. u shd treasure it..

maybe u tell urself tis is optimistic thinking

but i tell u it is all bullshit..

life is nt a bed of rose.. life can onli get worse..

hmm sometime i wan gif up..

but why cant i?

family? fren? i dunnoe.. maybe is nt my character to gif up..

but sometime it is frustrating to see ppl close to u die 1 by 1.. sumhow tink u can do more for them..

but u cannot..

somehow i wish i can die instead of them.. let other ppl mourn for me. then i mourn for them..

maybe it all part of growing up...

i wish i can die. maybe i can see how mani ppl will go my funeral

if there is a next life, i hope i wun suffer this kind of things again..

why cant i be a smiley face in the world. instead i m besieged by death, sadness, heartbreak,family problems, financial problems, life issues that nv seem to go away...