Saturday, March 04, 2006

i wonder when can i evr finish my ns?

wah getting tired of ns..
alot of things to do

so late to slp
why cant i have a normal life?
hmm just wake up, work frm 8 to5
slp rest play the rest of the day..

maybe tat will be a perfect life of mine
but somehow i tink i wun be satisfied with this life..
i wan my life to be tougher
it trains me..
i nv want to gif up..
i wan to excel...
anyway 289 days to ord
hope my life will get better as in i will have more obstacles to overcome..

my main weakness of life is tat my attitude
i do thing sloppily
n lazy.....
i wonder how i should change this

Thursday, March 02, 2006

my 300th posts.. congrats

hmm i used almost 2 yrs to write 300 posts.. tat so cool
sneak out tonite..shhhhhhhsss

i love sneaking out
becoz i love to sit in frt of com listen music
n msn chat
i dunnoe why i enjoy doing tat..maybe it is becoz of many ppl in msn
so i wun get bored
or simply i love the feeling of being free?

uh come help do this thing

maybe i take the advice n maybe i wun

Monday, February 27, 2006

i guess i wan control my life

i wan to control my life
i dun wan to be a weakling le
i wan my life to be focused and ultimately to be a hapi one..

i know i nt tat disclpined yet.. but slowly bahz..
i wan to achieve watever i wan
i noe i can do it
i wan to be a self centered bastard
i wan live on for my mother, to live on for myself...

i just want to be number one again

hmm haha long time nv take pic=(
wan to put new pic in post..
but dun haf camera lei

omg..a gal had phone sex with me

serious shit..
gt a gal who i noe online call me today ard 9..
den say if i horny arnot n so on..
i play along..
she start to moan..
n say alot of dirty stuff..
wah very paisehz........

hmm but i was turned on...
serious shitss..
should i avoid the gal?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

beautiful sat nite


yeah went to my fav prata shop at boon keng again..
watch soccer again
hmm chat n tok rot for a few hrs again
i always enjoy these few hrs of private reminisincing and chatting with my frens, sharing tots and enjoying each other company..
poking fun at each other n making fun of the events tat happened ard us..
hmm once in a while this kind of gathering reali rox..

reali looking forward to these kind of gathering.. where chenwei go this time..
go india jalan jalan.. so sad..

hopefully next time can see him again

i hope i will be a bus, to be able to noe which stop i m stopping at, n where i will end up at..
becoz life is usali a cycle of processes..
i reali wan to enjoy each process ....

now i reali optimstic
hmm but i lose money today again
sian damn chelsea...