Thursday, September 29, 2005

dreams n bday

i wan money...............

i wan presents...........

no la..
i gt a list of wat iw ant..


any1 wan help achieve it?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

on course

today i on course..

haix... morning went to toa payoh hub.. finali find out the sadness of everyday taking mrt working population.. sad sad.. see ppl faces all glum glum

haha.. during whole day course.. i learnt nthg.. i just feel sleepy.. i slpt all the way sia..

hah saliva almost dropm out of mouth.. eek..

den 4something off course..

hapi day spent..

hmm now online.. nth to do.. thinking of my bday dinner.. will any1 come??

or will there b a bday dinner?!!

ahh i hope this fri evening i can bk out

Monday, September 26, 2005

=.= mon nite finish

monday so fast finish,,,,

day go so fast..

i wan eveyrday off

i wan everyday sit in frt of com n surf net

although it is boring

but it is still better than in army

haha cuiting wish me hapi bday

cute i alwya like cuiting attentiveness

it hurts to see a gal in some1 arms

lol.. frenship do end after awhile rite

crushes do diappear in disappointments

when can i ever love again

haha.. nt llooking for love

still feel i nt as qualified as a person

how to measure a person success

is it by his wealth
his achievements

i bungled

i know little things

i just cant b a person

a failure by life

i achieved nthg

hmm monday blues....

hey hey i gt alot of things nv clear.. hope they wun disturb me tml

tonite every

Sunday, September 25, 2005

i feel like a soldier

i feel like a fucking soldier when i involed in army shit

lolz.. i dun wan to a army clerk

i wan chiong suan liao

lol more interetsing

n dun nid tink 1

tired of admin work

so digustingly frustrating

yesterday waste my whole day

i fr i nite bk in..

then 5am wake up

go eat murtabak n bun at coolkhse

den take store tunnel to pasir laba camp

den we set up range

den do nthg while they shoot

i carry alot of sandbags sia


they shoot until 9pm

lunch n dinnner at pasir laba camp sux

den go back camo ard 930.. reach camp ard 11

then clear armskote n shit..

abt 12 plus bk out

den go with my frens n officer to go eat at blk 85
fucking shiok
den my fren drive me home
2plus reach home

this end my loong long sturday

i off on monday.. any1 wan to go out wiht mi/?