Saturday, October 06, 2007

having a love-hate relationship

lol friday i lost my temper.
very badly. guess very ungentlemanly.

boss ask me n her n 1 of colleague to clear some stuff before going off.. of course if do it together, it will be faster.. i finish my other stuff first .. my other colleague never. den she say she go to toilet. i ask her go help me do the stuff we r assigned to do it together. but in the end she never. she went back help the other colleague. ok.. i tot maybe she is like helping other colleague do her stuff fasterr. den we 3 can do our assigned tasks togetjer.. in the end i wait n wiat n try clear the stuff . but i saw them clear their stuff n pack their staff.. i confront her n say boss ask us to clear the thing together. she say can do it tml .. she wan go home. i tell her help la.. today things must do finish. drag tml den stay back tml oso wad.. wad the difference.. in the end i very rudely move off n say " dun help dun help lo.. i do"

den they go off.. later when i si bei angry. i sms some harsh stuff..

in the end when i cool down, i realise i abit harsh la.. so i sms sorrie n explain my reasons for my ourbust.

firstly, is her wrong mahz.. if she is reponsible, she will stay back to do.

second, 3 people do 1 task is of course faster than 1 person do the task rite..

thridly, i oso need rush hospital. my sis sms me my uncle suddenly move into isolated ward. suspect of tb.. abit worried.. wan go see the doctor ask since my sisters all veri inexperinced.

haiss.. this sat morning we nid to go back to clear some stuff. i saw her.. i dun have any anger le. i just wan tell her it is all over le. dun take it to heart..

but she ignore me.. ignore my sms..

i dunnoe is she xiao qi or wad.. or she cant take criticism.

i wonder wad she thinking

i reali dun understand..

gals r hard to understand

can any1 tell me?

i guess i going to let her cool off during wkend.. monday go talk to her..
hopefully she will listen to me..

haiss.. why it sound like my fault liao huh

i have been helping her all the while.. she sick i help clear her stuff.. task assign to us. i help her clear while she go home..

issit i m taken for granted??

when i ask for help, she dun help.. veri jialat la..

but i dun wan our frenship to sour..

wait office will be unbearable

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

bday 23

lol.. 23 le.. so old...

how ever dunnoe wad shd i wish for lei this yr?

my bday wish nv come true 1..

but ok anyway it my special day..

so to humour myself , i shall make a bday wish

i wish her to become my gf..

lol... 1 yr later maybe i see this wish come true arnot