Friday, July 27, 2007

lol long time nv blog

it quite long since i last blog. beri tired. now 1am in sat morning. nth to do so i decide to blog.

for the past few wkends i been working. either events or flyers distribute. other type of jobs.

love to earn extra money. life always seem to be happier when i bz.

it dun allow me time to tink abt future.. n everything.

tat great. life is too precious to proscratinate.

hmm this wkend. i will have nth to do on sat. gt a singtel event on sunday. earn abit. tat good.

ok. must blog abt my work. life seem to be veri bz during wkdays. alot tings to do. but ok la gt nice colleaggues. hopefully i can finish my contract. fufil my obligations.

i tink i like my colleague . she so nice n cute. been keep chatting with her . she oso seem to have gd impression abt me. but too bad i too low quality. maybe shd earn mre money. den can court gals.

lol.. how i wish life is so simple.

but i always complicate stuff.

duno when i can nxt blog