Saturday, December 30, 2006

end of 2006 coming

end of 2006 coming.. let see my report card for the year.. ok i tink it is better than in 2005.. where i reali feel 2005 is a sucky year..


i tink i achieve more in 2006.. become focused in my goals n targets.. know wad i want n aim wad to get.

1) congratulation myself on becoming more garang..more focused.. n grow up abit..

- be more mature in thining.. nt xiao baby.. learn to live n get on.. but still quite indecisive.. so still nt so good..

2) register for acca n thus commit on a road to a future tat i can see goals being achieved

- being able to score well in cat exams make me more confident.. so therefore more guts to do more stuff... so tat good

3) register for ntu biz cert n manage to complete it

4) get 2 other certification in WITS n microsoft words..

5) get another acct flirting acct.. my current netfren msn stand at 821 person ( never reali minus real fren so the real number may be lesser) ...aim to break 1000 barrier in 2007

6) manage to like many woman but nv get

7) get a outstanding grading in my cos.. n a testimonial.. n lots of frens liking me as i m

Things i regret becoz i nv achieve

1) manage to get 10,000 dollars in my bank.. i tink my bank is seriously less than 0.00001% the amt..
nv manage to save. that will be my sole target in 2007.

2) nv get 90 n above in my cat exam.. 1 i will hope to achieve.. i wan get to be 1 of the top student of saa.

3) do SAT and achieve more certifications. sian.. i serioulsy lack of finance..

hopefully i will get CAT in 2007.. n ssome other certificates..

4) change new com.. seriously my com sux.. sian 1/2.. i hope to get a new com/ laptop in 2007.. yeah!!
5) buy digital cam and cam hp and new specs..
6) never have a gf yet.. ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hard la to achieve in 2007.. wahaha i low quality.. no one wan me...
7) go overseas.. always wan go overseas but nv really have the cash.. hopefully in 2007 i have the chance..
8) open my eyes to more things.. seriously i lack knowledge in many areas.. i need ppl to guide mi.. to tell me wad i lack...
seriously ah i sux..
9) manage a football team to success or get a medal or something.. i always wan win some competition.. but havent yet lei.. hopefully can do it in 2007..
10) win soccer bets in 2006... nv really win money over the yr... tink lost ard 1 k?.... hopefully can win overall in 2007..

serioulsy i have many things i nv achieve.. in the next post i will say wad i wan in 2007.. quite tired now.. wah liew new resolution.. slp more sia.. this yr i reali duun slp alot

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

seriously been bz with life

intervviews.. appts.. assignments...been going n going for the past few week..
sian is becoz all those is all with job agent.. nobody call me for secondround of interviews..
but quite hapi tat alot of ppl called me for accounts assistant position.
but i been going for IT, admin job positions second round of interviews
they r faster.. but i tend to stumble at the technical qns they ask..
si bei sian sia..
but is ok.. nt going to do IT job..
hmm now awaiting for the calls.

i wna do acct asst job lei. find it more thingto learn..

been doing temp assignment.. earn money but LOST it all IN SOCCer..

sian 1/2

upcoming events..... go amk fr temp assignment and visit fairpricehypermart on 29 dec...