Saturday, October 08, 2005

=) wkend le..

yeah wkend le.. i love wkends..

i gt nthg to say

mit ada online..

amelia last day of attachment

actuali i wan write abt long essay abt my 21 yrs in earth
n my targets?

but too tired le la.. tml lo. see lo..

i tink of her every moment n every day

Thursday, October 06, 2005

every1 kena scolded la

hmm sian

every1 kena scolded

i dun like to tok abt army..

it onli gif me bad memoriess

why cant a army life be nice experiences onli?


issit becoz of me n fucked up attitude?

issit becoz i just nt smart euff
nt gd euff?

i tot hard work can solve eveyrthing

u must haf abit of smartness la

i just wan to b free


kill myself?
lijun i nt negative person la.. i just wan to make life difficult for me..

but i noe i gt a bunch of gd fren who soldier along with me.. i love them . n i love u too..!!!


p.s i m pennilesss

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i want money

where did money drop frm?

frm sky?

i want get money

money money

boring day.. whole day work n work.. no relaxation
stress stress
no life
dun wan to live

l wish some1 will entertain me

Monday, October 03, 2005

oct 3

i growing fat..

today woken up by noisy sounds

noisy.. den spent afternoon online

den cynthia asked me out

see her so sian waiting for mi at tampines control station

hmm ask her wat things bother her..

she gt no mood to eat..

den we go eat svensson eat icecream..

i eat firehousehapi bday

so nice


tml going to bk in le.. so sianz

hmm i tink alot of ppl r looking through my blog

Sunday, October 02, 2005

my 21st birthday dinner and ktv

unique birthday celebration......

celebrate in the middle of chinatown..

eating by road side stalls..

enertained by ppl doing acrobatic activities

music blasting out of the cd shops


interesting hor.. i like the concept very much

hmm abt 5 plus i reach the chinatown mrt.. saw cailian.. she long ago reach le.. hehe oops i forget to tell her she will be the onli gal in the dinner.. hmm cynthia nv come due to some reasons.. veyr last min notification.. it is my fault la.. hmmm but more ppl more merrier mahz.. :P she keep on saying she a alien..=x.. how unsensitive n how ....... i am.. paisehz

all aside, we buy alot of food.. yummy yummy.. haha...

eat eat eat.. tok tok tok...

then quite touched to see the birhtday card they gave me.. thanks chee chun. must b his idea.. lol=)

i like the idea very much.. n thanks tose who left the msgs inside..

but the biggest surprise come in a green bag..

hmm i open it.. n i saw something purple.. hmm but i tot it is just a shirt..

i nv believe

n i nv expeect

they will buy me a authentic arsenal jersey


i duno wat to say.. it is a super surprise

it veyr gd n thoughtful of them to buy this.. arsenal real jersey lei.. sure expensive 1

haha i nv owned a authentic arsenal jersey although i had supported them for 7 yrs..

hmm becoz i will nv haf enough money or heart to buy it becoz it is too expensive..

hmm very thanks

n u fufiled 1 of my wish of owning a arsenal jersey



cailian present..


she said she will give me a present

i was expecting her to give some erm "yi shi yi shi " present.. some erm usable stuff.. but nt very out of range for a present..

she actuali gave me a real casio watch.. it look expensive...

wah my fren say it could be up to 100 hundred dollars plus plus.. wah


i duno wat to say.. but i quite touched by this.. nobody had given me a present that is so ex before..

n by 1 person somemore

haha.. i duno wat to give uon ur 21st bday liao wor:P

u really given me a problem

hmm then we go for ktv to sing n sing our hearts off.. wah by 10 plus we r reali quite tired....

then went home

i enjoyed my birthday n i thank those who had attended my birthday dinner.. although it is nt grand or crowded..

but it show the frenship between me n them... how much they valued my frenship.. i love my frens..i valued all of u all. forgive me if sometime i very insensitive very $#@#$... i m a fucked up person.. i did nt derserve all the thing n memeories u haf given me..=) hmm may our frenship last long n long.. till eternity

chee chun chenwei weelung wenqiang teck guan ah kuang


jaja.. 21st bday a success.. n a memorable day

fsunday morning

ok.. let recount the days since i bk out.. i quite happy tat day becoz it is early book out.. wah abt 6pm i m out of camp.. n no1 bother abt me..


then . hmm... play com online till 11 plus.. then omg.. i dozed off.. n slept till the next day....

sat morning oso play com.. afternoon..
2pm went out.. must go chenwei commissioning parade..

hehe.. by rite 3 pm i should reach jurong east mrt.. haha. bt 315 pm then reach.. sianxxx

but then something cock up.. as our leader tan weelung cock up.. lolz..teck guan informed him wrongly to mit at jurong east mrt.. instead the meeting place should be at boon lay mrt.. nabei.. then the other guy can come ard at 4plus... wah lau eh.. i can come out later 1..

then spend 1 hr or so toking cock with him n listening him..

haha then finali ard 430 reach boon lay la.. then $#$@2 no toomany ppl flaging for taxi.. then luckily we go take bus.. 193..

then reach SAFTI MI..shiok.. the place is big.. we need a shuttle bus to reach the staium which is located depe inside..


i saw some of my unit sirs there

in i will see future my unit sir in the newly commissioned officers..


the ceremony is solemn and sincere...

weelung keep cracking jokes.. n hmm we saw chenwei in the paarde square, dressed smartly in his no 1...

ahhhhhhhhh i wan wear no 1..


then they do a series of march by n so on la..

z.z all boring routine.. normal pop parade.. predictable..ahhh somebody bayonet or handguard or something fell off.. eevry1 ooopppppppppppp in the stadium.. wah sia suay..

haha.. then last part is they climb up the stadium to march past us... haha weelung veyr funny sia.. ask chenwei whether he eat alreadi.. haha chenwei is caught smiling.. n the person beside him almost lost its footing.. weelung can nv fail to makeppl laugh..

hahaha.. kao i wish i haf the abaility lei..

then the parents put on their amulet for them.. wah.. then we took photos.. n then i CLIMB UP OCS TOWR THE LION..haha

gt pics to prove wor..

hmm.. then we went to chinatown to eat dinner.. then we scoured for the $10 dollar cheap cheap ktv..

ahhhhhhhhhh tiring wor..

then the day ended happily n i wnt home