Sunday, March 06, 2005

i love to cry

hahha.. misleading title

havent cry yet la in this wk .. but going to cry soon.. lolz.. i weak kia.. i alway hide frm trouble... anyway i just wan my life to b peaceful but somehow ppl up there keep screwing it up...

i duno wat to tink le.. wat future hold for me.. i noe i can survive through this 2 yr.. but wat is beyond these 2 yrs.. no money to go to uni.. i m scared of the working life.. sign on? that is nt me..hahahaa

i want to b hapi lehz.. i just wan find some1 who can make me hapi.. to tink same as mee.. to haf dreams as me.. n we can strive together but somehow i nt finding.. i going going going going to b alone alone..

hmm but haha wo xi guan to b a loner le la..

eh i want to try myself with something.. i wan a aim.. hmm somehow i alway say the thing again n again.. duno lehz..maybe tat will b my failing.. trying to aim too high.. duno who will understand me..

eh tok at prata shop last sat.. tok n tok n tok.. i haf nthg to contribute.. becoz i duno wat to say.. can i seriously b as successful as them?

hehehe.. guess my view of world is too small le

a side tot: i going crazy n sian in camp le la.. stay in for whole 5 days.. hah long time nv do tat le.. si beh sianz ah.. some1 some1 entertain me lehz