Thursday, January 24, 2008

she back to haunt me

lol... she back frm hq...

i tot she will end her contract there n gone forever. however twist of fate make her come back here.. tml i see her again

mixed feelings.. dunnoe wad i will feel..

just hope things will be normalll..

n she willlllll accept me

haa wishful thinkings..

dreams nv come true..

i learnn..

been busy this few wks.. studies online.. wan earn more money but no opportunities..

or i nv find hard euff..

been losing money in betting

haiya.. i dunnoe wad to do abt my life.. i find out i gt alot shortcoming.. but i dun seem to be able to change it... so mani ppl r hapi abt their life..
but i nv satisfied.. i want more.. yet more bad things happen to me...
i veri tired abt life.. this life is not worth living. i cant find any warmth.. i cant find any motivations...