Saturday, August 21, 2004

hmm a funny interview


today rain whole day.. so song.. make my room so dark until i have to switch on the lights

lolx.. den afternoon a call come in.. call me go interview( raining at tat time somemore)

haahahah.. wild wild wet here i go..

go there see my fren working .. like so eng..

lolx.. den see tat supervisor.. den interview.. wah .. last 5 min.. totally waste my 30 min trip there..

basically the interview go like this

interviewer( looking very earnest) :" who recommend u to this job"

still very gong interviewee(looking like a dork): huh?

interviewer repeat again

interviewee: " wenqiang"

interviewer :" how long u want the job n wat time u can work"

interviewee: " i can only work to start of oct.. becoz gt enlistment .. blah blah...."

interviewer( look totally disinterested): " ur fren is going off next mth.. will u b able to work w/o them? i dun wan .............. blah blah"

summarize: dun work in this job becoz u gt fren inside n dun even tink of doing same work schedule with fren.. must b responsible

interviewee: " i wun.. n blah blah"

summarize: basically deny wat he say

interviewer: " why u wan the job "?

gong interviewee: " basically wan to pass time"

den like a parrot keep repeating when he try to prod for some reasons..

interviwer( now totally sian 1/2 n began stretch his body) : " any qn u wan ask me?"

interviewee ( try to tink of qn )..

a moment pass. still no qn to mind.. ask dumb qn

" how much is the pay ?"

wahahah.. so funny.. erm still gt somemore.. but basically like this la.. lolx..lolx.. n someore i keep huh

so this is a nightmare interview u all should avoid.. the interview of gong lang

Friday, August 20, 2004

lolx.. life seem so smooth n boring


another bunch of fren go in le...

let me count


only left 2 3 guys


how to play soccer like this


man~!~!... i tink my life is damn boring.. erM.. ANY 1 kind euff to meet me??

hmm last week i meet 2 netfren.. i feel so normal.. haha nt nervous or wat..lolx

nt like first time..lolx.

maybe is xi guan le.. or wat

hmm i wan meet some netfrens.. they made me feel so happy n nice.. tink they very gd person.. but but

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

hmm.. days go very fast


i felt very happy

becoz nthg happen to make me sad..

i felt peaceful

lolx.. my msn nick : i wan to love u

den all come ask me why i wrote this

hmm.. reasons alot i guess..

but i wun say..

it so hard to noe why u love some1.. why u like some1.. somehow u like her

it is even harder to noe if the gal love u arnot

becoz i nt a person who is gd at guessing ppl feeling..

i tend to take words at face value

i guess i a blockhead

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Arsenal irresistable

hehe.. just now watched arsenal play everton

wow impressed by fabregas.. so gd sia.. bossed the game..

hmm.. now arsenal is 41 match unbeaten..

nottingham forest all time record is 42...
2 more

we r going to write ourself into history..

wow.. n a few yrs ago.. i tot arsenal is so gd already.. with overmars, anelka, petit..

now is invincible liao

haha.. even pires can b a substitute..omg omg..

bergkamp perform again.. my favourite player

hope i gt 10 % of his skll n brain