Saturday, August 21, 2004

hmm a funny interview


today rain whole day.. so song.. make my room so dark until i have to switch on the lights

lolx.. den afternoon a call come in.. call me go interview( raining at tat time somemore)

haahahah.. wild wild wet here i go..

go there see my fren working .. like so eng..

lolx.. den see tat supervisor.. den interview.. wah .. last 5 min.. totally waste my 30 min trip there..

basically the interview go like this

interviewer( looking very earnest) :" who recommend u to this job"

still very gong interviewee(looking like a dork): huh?

interviewer repeat again

interviewee: " wenqiang"

interviewer :" how long u want the job n wat time u can work"

interviewee: " i can only work to start of oct.. becoz gt enlistment .. blah blah...."

interviewer( look totally disinterested): " ur fren is going off next mth.. will u b able to work w/o them? i dun wan .............. blah blah"

summarize: dun work in this job becoz u gt fren inside n dun even tink of doing same work schedule with fren.. must b responsible

interviewee: " i wun.. n blah blah"

summarize: basically deny wat he say

interviewer: " why u wan the job "?

gong interviewee: " basically wan to pass time"

den like a parrot keep repeating when he try to prod for some reasons..

interviwer( now totally sian 1/2 n began stretch his body) : " any qn u wan ask me?"

interviewee ( try to tink of qn )..

a moment pass. still no qn to mind.. ask dumb qn

" how much is the pay ?"

wahahah.. so funny.. erm still gt somemore.. but basically like this la.. lolx..lolx.. n someore i keep huh

so this is a nightmare interview u all should avoid.. the interview of gong lang

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