Saturday, May 28, 2005


Anyone who saw the last post.. Pls kindly ignore that post. This is written in a Siao mood.. Totally untrue n totally ridiculous.. How can I sell myself? N who wan digI cam!!

ha.. BTW all the girls name written in last post is totally FICTIONAL!!!
if u haf the same with the names indicated in last post, this is totally concidental and purely accidentally.

due to many complaints, i decide to write this disclaimer

hmm haha.. this week quite short n relaxing.. i love this wk.. more of this kind of wk pls

fri SAF family day.. early book out

den run to orchard to Buy wenqiang gift with chenwei.. haha.. love to go orchard .. why? erm for reason unknown

haha.. cute la.. n RICH CHENWEI.. he totally broke no sweat on buying a few hundred dollars of stuff..

btw wat is crumpler bag? is it a branded thing? why so ex


den den siao siao sms this gal.. let call her chloe or hapigal.. (p.s totally fictious name)

becoz earlier wk she tell me she gg to treat me some food called LALA at chomp chomp food court at serangoon garden.. wah far seh

so erm i bad la.. i pester her..lolz

even though she no gd mood, she very nice bring me n chenwei along.. she very noisy n talkative.. gd to ease mood. haha.. but being the ever nice guy.. i totally guiltstruck..

haha.. but the food there super nice wor.. must go there eat next time..
n sugar cane drink super big lo

nice experience..

wah see a old fren sumore lo.. haha he drive a car.. sob

den go chenwei home slp.. shiok.. nice hse.. haha.. hmm maybe later gg to update again.. nwo totally moodless

Thursday, May 26, 2005

this post is full of sex, violence and trickery


bluff u 1 la..


this is totally nc16 stuff..

i early morning watch liverpool win acmilan.. so shiok.. although eyes keep closing.. but still can see here n there.. quite interesting.. i defintely gt saw the second half, extra time, ppenalties.. n the celebrations.. almost see gerrard cry..lolz

hurray for liverpool who won cl league
hurray for arsenal who won the fa cup
but hm chelsea..=x.. stole arsenal epl.. sianz
next yr will b better

epl finished .. socccer finish.. sianz liao for next few mth.. Lull

but haha.. early morning bkk in.. nearly late.. den went on despatch.. shiok.. whole day out of camp.. went back camp.. den rdy to bk out for nite ooff
nthg memorable..

hehee.. i just wan 19 dec 2006 to come faster
1 day less 1 day less


yoyo any1 need a bf for hire?
here here pls msg me at
i need money for digicam..

i m nt gd looking
i m nt nice to tok to
i m shy
i m very no leadership type of guy
but i can give u 100% attention 1

gals i prefer=> short hair
ye man nu you
nice n funny gal

horhor although i dun mind amelia, minmin, chienwen, meiqi, peishan, cailian, jennifer, eugenia, yizhen, siying , cuiting, lijun applying oso

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This yr wishlist

how to write this post?

wat i want lehz?

this yr wishlist..

hmm alreadi may liao... 7 more mths left

4 more mths to my birthday





1)a digicam(shall go see wat brand i want) must b clear in resolution) super nice 1

i Love to take pics...
i want take piCs of wonderful memories

n of Coz beautiful gals..

tat is my No 1 target


haha yup watch movies.. movies best la... watch with a crowd even beta.. so dun nid buy dvd player or vcd players la.. just watch movie with me at every cinemas in singapore.. any movie lovers here?

3) MOre jeans n more clothes

very secondary needs.. but tink i getting poorer.. so no more nice clothes.. wahah my fren can tetsify to it.. how many times u see me with short n tshirt?^^v

4) shoes =>nike, puma.. branded. as branded as possible

i like shoes.. haha.. but sadly i seldom haf extra money buy shoes shoes...

arghh.. i wan 100 pairs of shoes..

wah i sound like a gal

ty ty i a very vain person mahz.. so i wan earn earn liao

HAHA.. all this is secondary needs

wat i wish to haf most beside a digicam

1) money for futher studies
2) be smart euff
3) be more knowledgeable
4)a chalet outing
5) a ktv session

alot hor there sumore la

but all need money n tat wat i onli can tink of rite now

SO BASICALLY wat i aim for this yr is
1) a digi cam
2) a videocamera
3) more money?

hmm spent a afternoon with hoshi

bad alex..
make lijun wait for so many hrs outside xbox cineleisure.. -_-

n hmm i kana bluffed by her to go cine leisure lo..

n i tot i can enjoy a day of singing song.. but sadly dun haf!!

shant tok nonsense here .. wait some1 kill me

nice day overall.. watch ameyville horror.. scary sia.. -.- gory image alot.. lolz..but somehow a gal is nt scared

haha.. can see she gt healthy appetite.. so shocked when i see her bring so huge plate of tat thing.. huo guo or wat.. dunnoe how to pronunce..

n i m eatig my 4 dollar of chicken rice.. grr.. so exp..

i m down to my last dollars soon

haha.. but nvm nice money spent.. although i expect ktv.. i wan ktv i wan ktv!!

duno wat she tink of mi..

i tink i very quiet today
i alway quiet 1 lo
shy guy u noe..lala

tok rubbish again

nth la.. overall .. gd day spent with u.. hopefully more days with u like this..

Monday, May 23, 2005

i shall eat many tubs of icecreams

getting fatter
nv go exercise..
hha. army too slack
getting on weight

but nvmm no gal to jian fei for..


now eating icecream
yummy yummy

eat eat eat
Lots lots of icecream..

i wan eat i wan eat

hmm the world is so small yet so big
but can it ever hold my growing sadness?

i wan feel sad..
i wan feel dead

i just wan to cry

Sunday, May 22, 2005

early sunday morning

tis shall be a gd entry becoz i tink i haf ignored this place for quite long.. omg can see the cobwebs starting to form up!!
shall start frm the disruption of my beautiful off day~

wonderfully disgusting n disappointing.. watever sux english oso use in it la.. i go back.. i do my work.. yet no 1 is appreciative of me going back.. wah i feel so sad.. n so many damn work to do lo.. tsk tsk..

saf reali dun deserve me.. @#$@$ saf...

bt nvm still gt 1 1/2 yr more.. hey any1 remember my ord date? haha.. chienwen remember sia.. power.. *so touched* pls repeat after mi.. it is 19 dec 2006..

quite long la.. but hopfully i will survive by then..

that conclude my wednesday whcih i feel totally sux bt nvm it is all over... i m just wasting army time.. nt my time


same same normal saf day.. just sux as usaly.. but play soccer.. nice nice.. score goal by standing there.. this is my expertise~


half day~~
battalion live run.. o o o o
go home looooooooo

fri nite

go jio many gals in irc..~~

add 4 frens i tink!!

shiok shiok
but wah
can i remmeber thier names?

1 more 1 more!!

forget.. oops


wake up early afternoon.. damn tired.. keep on wan slp.. 3pm went to see star wars..

ok la.. nt wat i expected.. it is just liek following plot.. predictable.. sad..-_-

shant tok abt it

at least i watch all star wars moviess~~

den after movie.. go eat long john silver..heee

den den~~

go tampines mall walk ard

saw shiying.. i noe she working at tampines m1 shop.. but nv go tok to her.. becoz nt familar with her.. n of coz i wear vey lousy clothes.....

haha sw minmin too.. sembawang music at tampines today.. haha she look damn sian lo.. how i wish i can go entertain her.. but she gif me tat look..-.- fierce sia.. i so ze er mehz??

tsk tsk

den go see activities at tampines open plaza... later gt live screening of fa cup final..

oo gt maxim gals.. they r so hot!! 1 grab me to their booth n intro me to theri maxim subsciption.. but they so hot.. cant take my eyes off them:P

haha.. den we drift away frm them.. den go queue for gdies
cute cute!!
gt a gal flirt flirt 1..:P
den ahem i play along with her la..
she a ncie gal btw.. but too bad i forget her looks alreadi:P

ahh.. den went kallang watch soccer
slack ard
I was so sian during whole match
becoz man u totally outplayed arsenal
so manychnaces
but they missed
n arsenal survived to win penalty shoot out
yeah yeah
we r the best
we r arsenal!

den sadly today no plans
shall slack here........................

i want beautiful gals